Genshin Impact: Liyue’s Geoculus Locations – Quiongji Estuary

Genshin Impact’s Quiongji Estuary sits just South of the Bishui Plains region in the Liyue territory. Liyue is home to Geoculi that can be offered to any Statue of The Seven for a reward.

The thing is, Geoculi are limited spawns, and some of them are deftly hidden amongst Liyue’s ancient terrain, so we are going region by region to root them all out. The Quiongji Estuary holds 23 of Liyue’s 131 Geoculus locations, and we’ve got every single one mapped out for you below.

Mingyun Village & Surrounding Area

  1. If you head over the water directly South of Sal Terrae, the first Geoculus you’d be likely to see is one that sits in a tree on the peninsula’s Northeast region, close to the mountains and just south of a Liyue Shrine.
  2. Just South of the first location, another Geoculus hangs in the air above a hill. Again, you can get it using the Geo Traveler skill.
  3. Heading Northwest, you’ll come across an abandoned mine. Inside you will find a Geoculus sitting on the tracks.
  4. A short jaunt Southwest, you’ll come upon some ruins. Searching them should reveal a Geoculus tucked under a dilapidated archway.
  5. South from the ruins, you’ll find one of those tell-tale clover windmills among the cliffs. Break out the Anemo skill, activate the windmill, and ride the current.
  6. Heading East again, you’ll come across a little cottage with a Geoculus hanging over it towards the foot of the mountains. There is a tree behind the building you can climb to access the roof.
  7. Further Southeast along the mountain base, you’ll come to another set of ruins. This time a giant castle-esque corridor. As you head down the corridor a Geoculus will be set off to the left. Climb the half wall to reach it.
  8. As you near the peninsula’s southern shoreline just Southeast of the corridor, you will find another Geoculus hovering above a stone pedestal.
  9. Head West again along into the hills, and you will see a Geoculus suspended on the edge of a ledge overlooking the water. You can either use Geo Traveler to reach it or glide from the nearby statue.
  10. Immediately Southwest, down on the beach, another Geoculus sits on a boulder along the cliffside.
  11. Further West, the last Geoculus on the peninsula sits under the bridge leading to the Guili Plains.

Yaoguang Shoal

  1. Swim from the bridge’s Southern rail straight South until you reach a tiny island and you’ll find a Geoculus hidden amongst the rocks.
  2. Trek East across the Yaoguang Shoal sand bars until you reach a Teleport Waypoint. You can find a Geoculus on top of a tall boulder nearby. You could climb or try gliding from the statue mentioned in Minyun Village’s ninth location.
  3. Directly East, another Geoculus hangs over the water. You can use the bordering rocks to glide from.
  4. Head West (and ever slightly South) over the ocean until you reach a lonely island. Try finding a clover windmill just South of the Geoculus’ location, and you know the drill by now; hit the clover with Anemo and ride the current.
  5. Back on the Southern rim of the sand bars, a Geoculus hangs high in the air above a steep rock ridge on the shore. Climb or glide from the same Statue of The Seven mentioned previously.

Guili Plains

  1. Skipping across the water onto the shores of the Guili plains, there will be a Geoculus waiting for you on the pier of a small dock house.
  2. Heading West inland, you’ll come across a large plot of ruins with three Geoculi hidden among them. The first will be above a cliff out in the open.
  3. The second Geoculus at this location is slightly Northwest of the first and is well hidden. Find a large rubble pile with an explosive barrel partially buried in it. Use this barrel to clear the rubble, which will reveal an underground chamber and unleash a Ruin Guard. You will find the Geoculus in the flooded chamber below.
  4. The final Geoculus in this location lies under a rooftop of a building just North of the previous location. Climb the stone building to find it on the top platform just under the building’s roost.

Luhua Pool

  1. Northwest from the Guili Plains’ ruins, a Geoculus sits along the riverbank that flows into the Luhua Pool. The Geoculus will be hanging high in the air above a clover windmill. We hate to assume, but you probably know what to do with the clover from here.
  2. On the river’s bend, Just South sits another plot of ruins where you can find a Geoculus hanging over the center of a collapsed bridge. You can glide to it pretty easily by climbing atop the nearby buildings and rubble.
  3. On the pool’s Eastern shore, another Geoculus hangs high atop a mountain, so start climbing.
  4. The final Geoculus in this vicinity sits in a cherry blossom tree on the opposite shore, just inland from the domain in the center of the pool.

That’s all of the Geoculus locations in the Quiongji Estuar. If you’re having trouble locating any Geoculus in another region, check out our Geoculus location guides in the Bishui Plains, Minlin, Lisha, and the Sea of Clouds.

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