Genshin Impact Players Have Designed A New Minigame To Play While Waiting For Resin

The wait for more Original Resin is painful in Genshin Impact, Mihoyo has acknowledged as much in updates, but even after those changes the community still struggles with what to do while waiting for the slow battle currency to regenerate. Instead of sitting by and waiting for Mihoyo to spice things up, players have taken charge and added in their own “fun” to disguise the pain.

It’s no secret that hardcore players are unhappy with the state of Original Resin and how slow it is to refresh. Perhaps it’s even unfair to say it’s just the hardcore, as more casual Genshin Impact players can run out of things to do in a half-hour if they’re looking to burn through their Original Resin for the day. Considering how some of us spend an unfortunate amount of our expendable income on the game, the frustration is understandable.

Some adventurers have taken to entertaining themselves during the wait though and designed their own minigame. According to one Reddit user, travelers are recruiting poor Hilichurls into their antics and torturing them to pass the time. In the video, Diluc, Razor, Beidou, and Qiqi tease one lonesome Hilichurl into shooting at them before dodging the poor guy’s shot.

But what else is there really to do once you’ve exhausted your battle currency for the day and farmed your resources? The wait for Original Resin has us sitting idly by while it slowly ticks for one unit every eight minutes. The most you’ll ever have is 160 Original Resin per 24 hours if you aren’t using items to refresh. I want to senselessly throw myself at domains for artifacts and upgrade materials for hours, but Mihoyo just won’t let me.

The community is itching for more to do and here we are, making our own fun in the meantime. The clip is seven seconds long, so if you want to play around while you wait to hit the 160 Original Resin cap you’ll only need to jump roughly 10,971 times! Assuming you don’t get hit and your Hilichurl goes undistracted.

Source: u/5LoveSure/Reddit

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