Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Jean

Jean is one of the most well-known five starts in Genshin Impact as she is the acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favionius in Mondstadt. She is an important part of the story, and her trial run shows just how useful she can be at dealing with threats in a creative way. Jean is also a versatile hero who can be used in many different ways, depending on what the player currently needs for their team.

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As one of the few anemo characters in the game, she also fills an important elemental spot in players’ roster who are lucky enough to pull her.

Always Use Jean For Health Dishes

Jean’s passive ability, Guiding Breeze, gives her a 12% chance to make double servings of all perfect health-related dishes. This becomes especially useful later on when the player begins to make high-cost dishes in order to keep up with their growing health bar. To ensure that this ability activates, check the cooking menu for Jean’s avatar before committing to cooking a dish.

Control Her Elemental Skill

Jean has a very useful elemental skill and elemental burst. Since she is an anemo character, a huge part of playing with Jean is learning to control the battlefield. Unlike other main DPS characters playing, Jean demands a certain amount of strategy in order to profit from her attacks. Her basic attack doesn’t do any elemental damage and uses her sword to deal five strikes to the opponent; this attack can be used at any time without much thought by the player.

Jean’s elemental skill, Gale Blade, is a whole other story, though. Using Gale Blade will unleash an anemo burst that sends enemies flying across the field. When Jean is in the middle of dealing out damage with her sword, using this ability will find enemies far away, disrupting the flow of battle. Well-timed Gale Blades can be used to deal the finishing blow to enemies, push them back for character swapping, or even knocking them into deep water for an immediate K.O.

Her Elemental Burst also flings enemies away from Jean, which some players may find problematic. While her burst does deal damage, it is primarily used by most players as a way to heal their party. Dandelion Breeze will instantly restore the party’s health based on Jean’s attack power, which is great for pulling out of tight situations.

Building While Free-to-Play

Jean is a powerful party member even for free-to-play players that aren’t able to pull her multiple times. Most of her constellations focus on making her a more aggressive fighter, but with the proper equipment, players can easily give her all the power she needs to be their main.

While her constellations due offer a huge buff, the right artifacts can still make her incredibly powerful. The five-star Noblesse Oblige set can be gathered from farming the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain. The set gives a major buff to her elemental damage, which will help both her skill and burst to hit opponents even harder. For players that want to focus on her normal attack, the Gladiator set does quite well.

Players can also try to pull the Favonius Sword, a four-star weapon that will help to buff her elemental damage further.

She Has a Healer Build

For players who are looking for support characters, Jean can also be a perfect fit. Jean can use Gale Blade to knock enemies back in a pinch, and once she reaches assertion rank two, she will begin to receive a 5.5% healing bonus that will increase as she ascends to higher levels with a maximum bonus rate of 22.2% at ascension level six. This is stacked on top of her passive talent Wind Companion, which gives Jean a 50% chance to regain the entire party 15% health when attacking normally.

Many players have found that equipping Jean with the Maiden’s Beloved set gives her a substantial boost as a healer while still allowing her to hold her own in battle. The set can be farmed from the Valley of Remembrance Domain and at four pieces grants an extra 20% healing when Jean uses Dandelion Breeze.

Prepare For a Proper Party

Jean is an anemo sword user, which means that she uses a neutral element that doesn’t currently benefit from elemental reactions. When using Jean as a main DPS, a focus should be put on upping her defense and helping her deal additional damage. Shield characters can be a huge help for Jean, as their abilities stay active even when off-field and are extremely effective when used against enemies of the same elemental typing; when building a party around Jean, try to use one of the following shield characters:

  • Bennett – Pyro Shield
  • Zhong Li – Geo Shield
  • Noel – Geo Shield
  • Diona – Cryo Shield
  • Xinyan – Pyro Shield
  • Ningguang – Geo Shield

In addition, there are quite a few support characters who’s burst and elemental skills will remain in effect when switched off the field. The following characters can be used to help Jean deal additional damage to the enemy:

  • Fischl – Sends out Oz when using her elemental skill to deal electro damage/
  • QiQi – Summons a cryo orb with her elemental skill to rotate around the players; it deals damage each time it rotates while also healing.
  • Xingqiu – Summons hydro swords that will attack alongside the character with his elemental burst.
  • Xiangling -Summons Guoba to deal stationary pyro damage with her skill and summons rotating pyro spears with her burst.
  • Ganyu – Creates a large AoE field where cryo icicles fall on opponents during her burst.
  • Beidou – Summons three rotating electro eels during her burst.
  • Kaeya – Kaeya summons three rotating cryo icicles during his burst.
  • Mona- Her elemental skills pulses constant hydro damage.

Dealing with Jean’s long cooldowns when she is played as a support can be one of the most frustrating parts of playing with her. Players should have a capable team ready to swap in for when Jean’s skill and burst is in cool down. Anemo is a neutral skill, so players don’t need to worry about elemental reactions or forming a party specifically around Anemo.

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