George R. R. Martin working on video game, rumoured to be Great Rune by FromSoft

Rumours that the creator of Game of Thrones is collaborating with the makers of Dark Souls have been given a boost by Martin himself.

A couple of months ago rumours emerged that George R. R. Martin was working with FromSoftware on a new game, believed to be an open world title that’s possibly part of the Dark Souls franchise.

Given everything else Martin’s working on at the moment, and how long it takes him to get anything finished, it at first seemed pretty unlikely.

But now Martin himself has poured fuel on the fire by admitting that he’s, ‘Consulted on a video game out of Japan’, while listing all the other projects he’s currently working on at the moment.

He doesn’t say anything more than that, so there’s no confirmation that it is actually FromSoftware, but combined with the previous rumours it does suddenly seem much more likely.

FromSoftware themselves currently have no officially announced games on their slate, having only recently released the critically acclaimed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The previous rumours suggested that the new game will be published by Bandai Namco (who own the Dark Souls brand) and will be fully open world in a manner that sounds more similar to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild than From’s previous games.

Update: Additional rumours out of Japan, as summarised by Gematsu, claim the game is codenamed GR, with 4Chan sources suggesting that stands for Great Rune, and that it has a setting based around Norse mythology. That implies the game is not officially part of the Dark Souls franchise, although the gameplay description still sounds very similar.

Martin was only ever rumoured be one of the lead writers, which matches with his description of merely consulting on the game.

The rumours also claim that the game, whatever it is, may be announced at E3 next month, so it may not be long until we find out exactly what’s going on…

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