George R.R. Martin Wrote The Foundations Of Elden Ring Which FromSoftware Built Upon

In a recent interview with IGN, Elden Ring director Hidetaki Miyazaki revealed the extent of Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin’s involvement with the upcoming FromSoftware title. The game takes place in The Lands Between, “a name that was invented by George R.R. Martin himself,” states Miyazaki. He adds, Martin “brought things to the table that we couldn’t have done by ourselves, in terms of that rich storytelling and that sense of character and drama.”

The world of Elden Ring will be split up to feature six unique demigod-ruled dungeons, major areas within the game that can be tackled in a variety of ways. Each of these demigods has been written by Martin himself, and although the player-character will be a blank slate as in all SoulsBorne games, the demigods will flesh out the lore of the world. Each will be depicted “not just [as] creatures and horrible monsters, but have an element of heroism and an element of mythology to them.”

Although Miyazaki assures Elden Ring will feature the same obscure storytelling FromSoftware is known for, Martin was brought on at the beginning of development to “paint that picture of the world’s history and the mythos.” Miyazaki continues, “This was quite a fresh approach and rather than imposing new restrictions on the game, George Martin himself was very open to us prioritizing the game systems and leaving out anything we didn’t want to explore”.

Instead of the two creatives butting heads, Miyazaki says that Martin’s work “ended up being a huge source of inspiration and impetus for the design of the game, so the world building and the systems went hand-in-hand. It was a really great collaboration.” He continues, “We had this initial impetus from George R.R. Martin’s mythos and we used that to paint the foundation and the initial layers of the game.”

After two years of nothing but speculation, it’s good to finally know more about Elden Ring. As well as what we’ve learned about Martin’s involvement, we know that players will take the role of a Tarnished, someone who has fallen from grace and been exiled from The Lands Between. The Elden Ring, the source of grace and glory for those who reside in this new land, has been shattered, and the six demigods who now own its fragments have been driven mad by their power.

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