Get The Sims 4 for free on PC now

The most recent The Sims game is currently completely free for everyone, as EA drop the price to zero until next week.

The headline says it all: EA are currently giving away digital copies of The Sims 4 for free and all you need to do to download it is sign up for an Origin account and visit this link.

The offer lasts until Tuesday, 28 May but beyond that there are no strings attached, other than that this is just the base game and doesn’t include any of the expansions.

The Sims 4 was first released in 2014 and although criticised at launch for its lack of content, and the disappearance of many features that were in The Sims 3, it’s still a highly enjoyable life simulator.

The Sims 4 now has six expansions, which together add in most of the missing features from previous games and many new ones on top. They’re £34.99 each though, with smaller Game Packs costing £17.99, and Stuff Packs coming in at £9.99.

Given these do all include a lot of interesting items and, in the case of the expansions, major new features, it’s actually a wonder EA never made the base game free from the very start.

Unfortunately, The Sims 4 was never the success that was hoped for and there is currently no sign of The Sims 5 on PC or consoles, with the downsizing of original developer Maxis leading to the franchise now focusing primarily on The Sims Mobile.

Given the series’ previous success it’s – hopefully – unlikely to stay that way forever and you could even imagine that the current free offer is EA’s way to gauge interest in a new entry.

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