Ghost Of Tsushima Update Lets You Pet The Dogs

Ghost of Tsushima will soon answer “yes” to one of gaming’s most important questions: can you pet the dog? The 1.1 update, due out October 16, will let players pet the many dogs they find throughout the island of Tsushima. This includes ghost dogs.

Sucker Punch Productions shared a brief teaser clip for Ghost of Tsushima version 1.1 on Twitter. In it, Jin strolls through a camp when he comes across a big black dog. He gives it a good chin scratch and then is on his way to avenge his family and such. The text informs us that an item called the Charm of Canine Recruitment is responsible for this new ability.

Also of note is that the Charm of Canine Recruitment lets you make allies of dogs. What that means is uncertain. Will they actually fight alongside you, or just be calmed?

Sucker Punch confirmed in a later tweet that petting the dog also happens in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the game’s upcoming multiplayer mode. The mode will launch as part of the 1.1 update and allow for co-op missions in a more fantastical version of Tsushima.

Players have technically been able to pet canines thanks to Tsushima’s foxes, and they’ve pet a LOT. You can never have enough furry friends to pet, though, so we’re thankful for this crucial update.

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