Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Terminator Event Is Finally Happening This Week

At long last, Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Terminator themed live event will be happening. Announced roughly a month before the game’s release, Ubisoft is finally ready to pit Team Ghost against the metal menace. In a short trailer teasing the raid, Ubisoft confirmed players will be able to tackle Skynet’s greatest weapon on January 29, 2020.

Where this raid will take place and what weapons you’ll be using remains to be seen. Breakpoint’s predecessor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, featured a crossover mission with the Predator series and that was about it. You faced off against the alien creature and unlocked some armor skins based around the franchise. There weren’t any specific guns or even a dedicated storyline to go with it.

Since Breakpoint features independent raids like an MMO, there’s a chance this Terminator event will be fashioned more like a proper mission. We could even end up using laser rifles or battling fierce Skynet tanks. It sounds preposterous for a Tom Clancy game, but the main campaign of Breakpoint is all about mechanized warfare.

As for which Terminator will make an appearance, I’d put money on it being the iconic T-800. The event was likely intended to coincide with the release of Terminator: Dark Fate last November, but Breakpoint failed to meet sales expectations for Ubisoft. It also launched with a ton of bugs that made certain sections of the game broken. It wasn’t particularly great.

With a recovery roadmap being laid out and Ubisoft practically giving up on the game, it’s a wonder that the Terminator event is even going forward. Paramount Pictures likely signed an agreement with Ubisoft that allowed the character to appear regardless of time frame. That would explain the rather lengthy delay between the newest film’s release and this event.

Hopefully, this crossover goes off without a hitch. There hasn’t been much news about whether or not Ubisoft has ironed out the kinks with Breakpoint, but players haven’t been taking to the open-world shooter. There’s a good game buried under all of the bugs and issues: Ubisoft just needs to put in the effort to let that title shine.

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