Ghost Recon SILENT-30086 error: Beta launch delayed due to server issues

UPDATE: Ghost Recon Breakpoint developer Ubisoft has confirmed that the beta start time has been delayed.

According to an Ubisoft tweet, the developer is working behind the scenes to prepare the infrastructure ready for launch.

“Ghosts, in order to guarantee a smooth experience for all players we need to finalize the preparation of our infrastructure before we can open the servers to everyone. We apologize for the delay and will post an update ASAP.”

ORIGINAL: Ghost Recon Breakpoint fans are currently unable to login to the open beta due to a server error.

Ghost Recon fans are being greeted by SILENT-30086 error when trying to jump into the Breakpoint beta.

Fans have vented their frustrations on Twitter, although Ubisoft Support is yet to respond.

“It’s 313am pacific standard time and the ghost recon breakpoint beta is supposed to be live on Xbox one but it’s not,” one fan tweets.

“@UbisoftSupport I keep on getting an error when I try load into the ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta which says “silent-30086”. Can you fix this?”

“Hi,I want to report about a problem in ghost recon servers when I open the game the (press (X) to start) shows to me when i press (X) it tells me connecting to ubisoft servers then a problem shows to me,It tells me failure and the it name is (Silent-30086),” another posts.

“@UbisoftSupport I can’t get on to the ghost recon breakpoint open beta, I keep getting silent-30086 error code. I’m not sure if your servers are down or for some reason I can’t connect.”

The outage has also been picked up by DownDetector, which monitors online services and whether there are any problems.

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The Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta gives fans to team up in groups of four to tackle a variety of missions.

While there is some confusion about the exact contents of the beta, it looks like the open beta will contain four player-vs-player maps, including Skell Port, PMC Camp, Cold War Bunker and Deserted Harbor. Ghost War will also be available to try.

Six regions will also feature in the open beta, including Argyll, Infinity, Sinking Country, Fen Bog, Smuggler Coves and Mount Hodgson.

Fans will be able to try five missions from the main storyline, as well as Aurora side missions to discover more about the new setting.

Participants of this year’s closed beta will also be happy to hear that Ubisoft has made some big changes to the game ahead of the open beta.

According to the Ghost Recon Breakpoint patch notes, fans can expect better controls for the main character, complete with improved responsiveness and faster acceleration.

 Ubisoft has also tweaked things to make the Extreme Difficulty mode all the more challenging.

“The red lights on the mini-map that indicate enemy presence have been removed to provide increased immersion and challenge,” the developer explains.

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