Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Buster Guide

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  • Use The P.K.E. Meter Blast Sporadically
  • Travel In Pairs
  • Focus On Tracking Rifts First
  • Don't Let Slime Stack
  • Pull Or Push Ghosts Into The Trap

The first Ghostbusters film, despite some aspects not having aged the best, remains a classic, and Ghostbusters – Spirits Unleashed is a great way to introduce people to the lore. While most of the original team has moved on, some classic elements return as you and other players take up the role of Busters.

Through online matches with the AI or with whoever decides to join your game, you must visit certain locations and attempt to get rid of the ghosts trying to haunt them. However, even with numbers, being a Buster isn't an easy job, so you should prep accordingly.

Use The P.K.E. Meter Blast Sporadically

A necessary device for any practicing Buster, the P.K.E. Meter is your most reliable way of tracking down powerful ghostly energies. You'll need to pull out this device frequently in order to track down the locations of rifts and the ghosts themselves.

Even though it's a tool, the Meter comes with a Blast function that creates an AoE energy attack that can stun ghosts and damage rifts within range. The problem is that using this not only forces it to recharge but also makes it so that Meter can't function properly until it does. Because of this, you should only use the Blast when things get a little too hairy.

Travel In Pairs

Although it's a team of four Busters against one ghost, this doesn't make the match a cakewalk. Ghosts are incredibly mobile, so your best bet is to cover more ground. If you go as a group of four, you become formidable but far less effective as well as opening yourself up to the ghost's powerful AoE abilities.

A practical way to travel is in pairs, as this allows you to cover moderate ground while also giving you an advantage should you encounter a ghost. It's particularly effective when it comes to destroying Rifts which can be pretty resilient.

Focus On Tracking Rifts First

Since the ghost is by itself, it relies on Rifts to respawn whenever it's captured. There are three Rifts that will spawn randomly around the map when the match starts. You'll need to use the P.K.E. Meter to track them down and destroy them. Once all the Rifts are gone, you can catch the ghost for real and end the match.

When there's only one Rift left, focus on finding it quickly and then periodically blast it, as this is more likely to draw the ghost to your location. When it appears to protect the Rift, then you can counterattack.

Don't Let Slime Stack

In a nod to the original film, Ghosts can't actually kill Busters, they can only slime them. They do this by using their abilities, melee attacks, summoning minions, and in some cases charging right into you.

When you get slimed, a bar will appear at the center of the screen to tell how much slime you've accumulated.

The more slime you have on you, the harder it is to remove, and if you get too much, you'll be downed until you get it all off. To avoid this, stay mobile the moment you get slimed so that you can quickly clean up.

Pull Or Push Ghosts Into The Trap

As flashy as they are, your Proton Packs can't actually destroy ghosts, but they're needed to catch them. By focusing fire on a ghost, you can tether it, and once you've got it tethered, it acts similar to a fishing rod. You can move the ghost gradually in a direction of your choosing with the goal of guiding it to a Trap that you've placed and opened.

Unfortunately, the Trap doesn't have the clearest range indicator, appearing as a small funnel of light. To ensure a successful capture, you push or pull the ghost into it in a straight path rather than from an angle.

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