Glover Fan Creates A Mockup Of What A New Game In The Series Could Look Like

It's starting to feel like any game, no matter how obscure, is on someone's remaster/remake wishlist. Even Glover, a '90s platformer in which players take control of a glove come to life. There doesn't appear to be more Glover coming soon, but a dedicated fan has mocked up what it might look like should it ever happen.

Kevin Temmer is responsible for the Glover 2 concept clip and you can check out their work below. “Thought it would be fun to create a little mockup of what a modern Glover game might look like,” Temmer tweeted. The short look at what they've been working on features Glover hitting his ball companion from the original game with a tennis racquet to hit a hard-to-reach target.

It appears Temmer's penchant for Glover has been reignited by their dad discovering the N64 cartridge of the original game. Best of all, it still works, but after playing through its 30 levels spread across six worlds, just like 24 years ago, there's no more Glover left after that. Apparently there was a sequel in the works at one time, but those plans were scrapped long ago.

As touched upon above, we're living in a time where almost anything could potentially be remastered or even revived for a sequel. It ultimately depends on demand, and the replies to Temmer's clip reveal there's more than one Glover fan out there. While some have joked about finding the one person who wants more Glover, others have responded by siding with the mockup's creator, making it known that they would like to see the defunct platformer return.

Unlike some games where discovering who exactly can legally create a remaster or a sequel is a tangled mess, Glover's seems pretty easy to track. In fact, Piko Interactive launched the original game on Steam earlier this year. It's available right now for anyone who does want to play it but can't find an original copy. Perhaps if it sells well enough, Piko will consider manking a follow-up.

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