God Of War: Every God And Mortal Kratos Has Killed

God Of War is a series that is waging war against numerous mythologies, with star slayer Kratos leading the charge. This Spartan warrior has been fighting for over a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Though Kratos continues to battle with his own personal demons, he doesn’t hesitate to kill whoever stands in his way.

From innocent bystanders to entire pantheons, Kratos seems unstoppable, and the list of his victims is becoming increasingly longer and harder to track. Though he has gone through a noticeable character shift following his 2018 adventure, Kratos shows no signs of slowing down.

Before Kratos became the God of War, he had a wife and child. After he pledged himself to Ares, Kratos would go on to commit many horrible acts. Wanting to make him the perfect warrior, Ares tricked Kratos into a blind rage which, caused him to slaughter his family, Lysandra and Calliope. Though this only occurs in flashbacks, it’s this act that transforms Kratos into a hateful man bent on vengeance. Here are all the Gods and mortals he went on to slaughter.

Updated December 5, 2022, by Lucas Olah: Well, you know how it is — a new game in the series means we have new gods to talk about. Although to be fair to Kratos, he's a lot better at controlling his rage now compared to how he used to be, with most dead gods in Ragnarok being killed by others rather than him. Regardless, there are moments worth mentioning here, as Norse mythology has provided us with some very interesting — and powerful — enemies.

9/9 God of War: Ascension

Castor And Pollux

Also known as the Dioscuri, this conjoined duo is both mortal and demi-god. They’re meant to act as guardians for the Oracle of Delphi, but instead, abuse her powers for their own gain. Kratos is forced to fight and kill them in order to seek an audience with the Oracle.


The Oracle of Delphi is sought by Kratos so he can learn how he can break his service to Ares. During the Spartan’s battle with Castor and Pollux, Altheia gets caught in the fray. After it ends, she tells Kratos what he needs to do before succumbing to wounds received during the fight.


The Keeper of Oaths serves as Kratos’s ally and tells him to confront the Furies so he can break his bonds. After Kratos defeats them, Orkos asks Kratos to kill him since his life is still proof of his oath to Ares. Though reluctant to do so, Kratos obliges.

8/9 God Of War: Chains Of Olympus

Persian Soldiers and King

The game begins with a Persian assault on the city of Attica led by the Persian king. Kratos confronts him and his warriors. Despite the king’s size and magic Efreet, the Spartan succeeds in killing him.


The boatman of the river Styx, Charon is confronted by Kratos demanding passage across the river. The boatman is unfazed by Kratos’s threats and sends him to Tartarus after defeating him in battle. After Kratos returns with new power, Charon is brutally defeated, giving Kratos control of his boat.


The Queen of the Underworld and wife to Hades, this goddess serves as the primary antagonist of this adventure. Having grown tired of her duties and bitter over her predicament, she sought to destroy the world along with herself so she could finally be at peace. Even though she allied with Morpheus and Atlas, Kratos was still able to defeat her and stop her plans.

7/9 God Of War (2005)

Fleeing Citizens

The game begins in the city of Athens under siege. While running through the city, Kratos will encounter many panicking civilians. These people can be slaughtered for extra health during the assault.

The Sacrificed Soldier

Pandora’s Temple is filled with a number of dangers and puzzles to overcome. At one point, Kratos needs to enter the chamber of Poseidon. He learns that in order to open the way, a sacrifice needs to be made. As fate would have it, there’s a soldier trapped in a cage who pleads with Kratos to show mercy. The Spartan ignores him and uses him as a sacrifice so he can continue his quest.


The original God of War, Ares accepted service from Kratos in exchange for destroying his enemies. Under Ares, Kratos committed many violent acts and was eventually tricked into killing his family. This caused the Spartan to seek vengeance against the god, something that was encouraged by the other gods. After gaining the power of Pandora’s Box, Kratos was able to get his revenge and was rewarded by becoming the new God of War.

6/9 God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta


The mortal mother of Kratos, she is found in the city of Atlantis. When Kratos finds her, the two exchange words before she transforms into a hideous monster. After the battle, Callisto thanks Kratos and urges him to find his brother, Deimos.

King Midas

A legendary king, he was cursed with the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. Kratos meets him wandering the Canyons of Sorrow, lamenting over the loss of his daughter by his own hand. He is later encountered crying in a cavern before Kratos beats him unconscious and throws him into the lava to turn it to gold so he can cross.


The daughter of Thanatos, Erinys has raven-like wings and claws. She battles Kratos in the mounts of Aroania, first in her humanoid form then as a large armored bird. After a long fight, she crashes into a nearby forest, where Kratos delivers the killing blow.


The God of Death acts as the primary antagonist in Kratos’s quest to find his brother Deimos. He was responsible for capturing and torturing Deimos for many years, and is finally confronted by the two of them. He kills Deimos in retribution for his daughter which drives Kratos to murder the god in a fit of rage.

5/9 God Of War: Betrayal


A messenger of Olympus and son of Hermes, Ceryx was sent to stop Kratos from pursuing a mysterious assassin. After being unable to persuade him, Ceryx attacks the Spartan and is killed in battle.

4/9 God Of War 2

Rhodes Soldiers

After becoming the God of War, one of Kratos’s first conquests is Rhodes. After his godly form is taken away, Kratos journeys through the city on foot and slaughters the soldiers who get in his way.


Formerly a titan, Prometheus has been turned mortal by Zeus so he could be tortured endlessly. Kratos meets him after he and Pegasus crash into the titan Typhon’s mountain. As he aims to free Pegasus, Kratos obliges Prometheus’s request to kill him and end his suffering.

Barbarian King

The leader of the Barbarian army managed to defeat Kratos’s army. Before he could deal the finishing blow, Kratos called out to Ares and received his blades which he used to kill the Barbarian. He encounters him again on his way to visit the Fates, having escaped Hades to seek revenge on Kratos before being killed once more.

The Dying Soldier

While exploring the Ruins of the Forgotten, Kratos will come across a dying soldier and a conveyor belt. In order to access the Chamber of Cerberus, Kratos puts the soldier on the conveyor belt to break the clockwork mechanisms.


A well-known Greek hero who has become a guardian for the Sisters of Fate. He guards a key needed to unlock the Steeds of Time. Kratos promises to spare him in exchange for the key, but Perseus challenges him to a duel to determine who is stronger. Needless to say, Kratos definitively proves his superiority.


Perseus is another Greek hero who is also on a quest to change his fate. He is found trapped in a large room, which Kratos inadvertently re-seals after he enters. Perseus then attacks Kratos, with both thinking it is a test from the Sisters and also for bragging rights. After a tricky battle, Kratos kills him.


The fabled boy who flew too close to the sun is found trying to cross the Great Chasm using his waxwings. He has since grown into a deranged man obsessed with changing his fate. He rants at Kratos before the Spartan states that he will use his wings to get across. The two then grapple and battle during a long fall. Kratos emerges victorious with the wings as Icarus falls into Tartarus.

The Translators

While exploring the Palace of the Fates, Kratos comes across two ancient texts which he can’t read. He then discovers two translators nearby who are loyal to the Fates despite being threatened by their monsters. Kratos guides each one to a book, then forces them to read before killing them as the required sacrifice.

The Last Spartan

A nameless soldier who appears to be Kratos’s closest and most trusted warrior. When Kratos goes on his quest to change fate, he leaves this soldier in charge. Towards the end of his journey, Kratos fights an unknown warrior in the shadows. It is revealed to be the same soldier who also sought to change fate. He informs Kratos that Sparta has fallen because of Zeus before dying of his injuries.


The Goddess of Wisdom has acted as Kratos’s ally and mentor on multiple occasions. She has attempted to guide Kratos on the right path and aid him when he needs it. However, when Kratos attempts to deliver the final blow to Zeus, she intervenes causing her to take the killing blow instead.

3/9 God Of War 3


The God of the Sea and the first god Kratos encounters during his assault on Olympus. The god fights the Spartan using a large watery avatar. Together with Gaia, Kratos is able to kill him.


A mortal trapped in the Underworld who was in love with Persephone. When Kratos meets him, he offers him the Bow of Apollo if he frees him. Instead, Kratos returns with a Cerberus Mongrel, burns him to death, and takes the bow for himself.


The God of the Underworld never really interacted with Kratos, despite his multiple visits to his realm. Following the assault on Olympus, Kratos finds himself in the Underworld once again where he is confronted by Hades. The god attacks him out of hatred and vengeance for the death of Persephone but is ultimately defeated and his soul is stolen.


The God of the Sun who Kratos encounters on his Chariot before being knocked out of the sky. Kratos later encounters him severely wounded and protected by followers. After defeating them, he brutally beats Helios before tearing off his head.


The Messenger God who’s known for his swiftness. Hermes is first encountered in the Labyrinth where he taunts Kratos while showing off his speed. Then later he is met in the Chamber of Flame where he leads Kratos on a chase. It finally ends in an area where the two battle openly with Kratos emerging victorious after ripping off Hermes’s legs.


Another legendary Greek hero and Kratos’s half-brother. Hercules is summoned by Hera to eliminate Kratos. Though possessing enormous strength, Hercules is eventually overpowered and beaten to death by Kratos with his own gauntlets.


The Queen of Gods and wife of Zeus is never fought by Kratos. When she does appear, she seems to be inebriated and openly mocks Kratos while expressing hatred for him and her husband. She watches his battle with Hercules and then isn’t seen again until Kratos reaches her garden. Weakened but angry, Hera yells at Kratos for his actions and when he tries to leave the garden, she insults Pandora — which provokes Kratos into snapping her neck.


The Smith God was imprisoned in the Underworld by Zeus. Kratos meets him several times throughout his quest to seek his aid. The god offers him information about the Flames of Olympus, offers to make him a weapon, and encourages him to find Pandora. After giving Kratos the Nemesis Whip, Hephaestus tries to kill him which drives Kratos to take his life.


The legendary Greek architect and father to Icarus. He is found in the Labyrinth still mourning the loss of his son. When Kratos attempts to navigate the Labyrinth, Daedalus pleads with him not to activate the mechanism. He does so anyway and the architect is crushed as a result.


The daughter of Hephaestus serves as the key to Pandora’s Box which is protected by the Flames of Olympus. She is rescued by Kratos and the two begin to form a bond as their journey continues. When they reach the Box, Pandora attempts to throw herself into the flames despite Kratos’s protests. However, Zeus’s words anger him and he reluctantly lets go of her to be consumed.

The Three Judges

Made up of the kings Minos, Aeacus, and Rhadamanthus, they judge each soul to determine where they’ll be sent in the afterlife. This is the first time Kratos has encountered them in his many visits to the Underworld and they challenge him to complete three trials. He later returns kills them all by smashing the Onyx into their heads.


The King of Gods and Kratos’s father who Kratos blames for all his torment and suffering. Kratos finally faces him in the chamber of Pandora’s Box before fighting him on top of Olympus. Gaia then appears and swallows them both, causing the battle to continue inside her body. Kratos impales Zeus against Gaia’s heart with the Blade of Olympus and then escapes. Zeus returns in spirit form and nearly kills Kratos while trapping his mind in a nightmare realm. After being lead out by the spiritual guidance of Pandora and his family, Kratos breaks free and beats Zeus to death.

2/9 God Of War (2018)


Known as the Norse God of Knowledge and Wisdom, he served as Odin's advisor before the Allfather imprisoned him in a tree at the top of a mountain. When Kratos and Atreus find him, he offers to aid their quest if they'll release him. As per Mimir's instructions, Kratos cleanly chops off his head which effectively kills him. Later on, his head is revived by Freya to serve as the duo's guide.


One of the sons of Thor and brother to Modi. He travels with Modi to track down and stop Kratos and Atreus’s quest. The brothers attack them together and following a long battle, Kratos kills Magni with the Leviathan Axe.


The son of Odin and brother to Thor. He has been cursed with immortality and invulnerability by his mother Freya which has also robbed him of feeling any sort of sensation. He attacks Kratos and Atreus several times throughout their journey but always recovers from his fatal injuries. He is last encountered by the body of Thamur where Atreus stabs him with a special arrow that takes away his curse.

He then engages in a long and very spirited fight with the duo which ends with Kratos sparing his life. Freya then appears and explains that she cursed him because she couldn’t bear the thought of him dying. Baldur dismisses this and blames Freya for his years of suffering before slowly strangling her. She allows him to do this while expressing love, but Kratos steps in and breaks his neck in order to save her.

1/9 God of War: Ragnarok


Though Nidhogg isn't a Goddess, her presence is worth mentioning given the impact she has on the world. In myth, she eats the roots of Yggdrasil as well as dishonest people, but in the game, she's seen as more of a Guardian figure that protects the tree and prevents it from over-expanding. That makes Nidhogg's death a lot more complicated. We have to fight her in self-defense while helping Freya, with her demise letting her children loose throughout the realms.


Heimdall is a very annoying enemy, and one who can actually be more of a nuisance than Hermes was in the third game. His speed and his power to foresee people's intentions make it virtually impossible to even hit him, and we even have a whole journey just to make the Draupnir Spear, a weapon that gives us a chance against him. In an attempt to avoid prophecy, Kratos even tries to spare Heimdall, but he is just too arrogant to accept mercy. Thus, the keeper of Gjallarhorn is no more.

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