God Of War Ragnarok Is Now PlayStation’s Fastest-Selling First Party Game

God of War Ragnarok is a huge success, launching to tens across the board and selling like hotcakes. It's rocketed to the top of the charts as PlayStation's fastest-selling first-party launch in the console's history. Hopefully there's a truckload of cash being delivered to Santa Monica Studio's HQ now.

The replies (at the time of writing) to PlayStation's announcement are full of mostly positive things, with fans of the game praising it and sharing clips of them fighting creatures across the Nine Realms.

It's no surprise that this is such a fast-selling game, as the Jotnar Edition sold-out in July after just five minutes. Even the less-extensive collector's edition was off the digital shelves within half an hour. Unfortunately, this led to those editions being scalped and sold for absurd prices on eBay, but it seems enough p[people managed to get their hands on a retail copy that Ragnarok broke PlayStation's record.

God of War Ragnarok sold five million copies in its first week, a phenomenal amount. Previously, The Last Of Us Part 2 sold four million copies in its opening week and was the fastest-selling first-party game on the PS4.

Despite these phenomenal sales, the game's director, Eric Williams has already ruled out any DLC hopes and dreams. The game you've got is the game you've got, so enjoy it. "I think we put everything we had into it, so I wouldn't count on it." WIth the Norse saga confirmed to be just two games, not a trilogy, we'll have to wait a while until we see the next chapter of the God of War story unfold.

There's still plenty to see in the game, such as easy-to-miss cameos from major characters and callbacks to the original entry in the Norse saga. A lot of game in this game.

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