Godfall: How To Defeat Thraex

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With the Earth Realm and Zamora conquered, it’s time to move onto the Godfall’s Water Realm and deal with Lunara and its cronies. Thraex is one such lackey, and despite this being a watery domain, it ends up being a fiery lizard of death. Certainly not what one would expect thematically.

That doesn’t mean Thraex isn’t a challenge, however. Thraex is aggressive, has amazing area control mechanics, and can easily beat you into submission before you ever get to grips with its myriad attacks. Sure, you’ve fought beat sticks before, but nothing has embodied that brawler philosophy quite like Thraex and his fiery, explodey kit.

Thraex’s Attacks

Thraex is incredibly aggressive, but not a single-note encounter. Thraex is more than capable of attacking up close, from arms reach, and from across the map. There really isn’t a safe space when fighting Thraex, and he demands your respect and attention to overcome.

Fire SpitThraex lobs a cluster of fireballs that explode and leave a large, lingering field of fire. Thraex will start the fight using this and then use it frequently during the encounter. He can even combo into it from various other attacks.You have two options – get in close, or fall back. Getting in close is risky as Thraex can very easily follow up the attack and knock you into the fire fields which will quickly inflict Ignite. Falling back is safer, but it limits any sort of counterattack. Throw a shield or weapon.
Jump AttackThraex will jump into the air and slam both of his fists down. He will often follow this up with a Fire Spit.Dodge to the side, and then if you see him use Fire Spit, get in behind him and punish him.
Lunge AttacksThraex has a number of lunge-based attacks, and he will follow them up in a variety of ways. The lunge itself comes out quite quickly, but the follow-ups are pretty easy to react to. He tends to do repeated lunges or follow the initial lunge with a three-hit combo. This three-hit combo will eventually end in an explosion, so watch out for that.Dodge the first lunge. If he stops attacking, move in for the punish. If Thraex continues to attack or lunge, keep dodging and wait for an opening.
Blue LungeThraex will briefly glow blue and then launch into a lunge. This lunge will be immediately followed up with a regular attack.Parry the blue attack to stagger Thraex and open him up for massive damage. If you fail the parry, Thraex will attack again almost instantly. Either block this second attack or dodge.
Red Jump AttackThraex will briefly glow red and then do a jumping attack. This attack will end in a large explosion.The only way to counter this is to dodge. The explosion makes it hard to punish Thraex as he will often recover before you can get in safely.
Grab/Charge AttackThraex will quickly charge at you. If this connects, you will be impaled on his back spikes for high damage. This attack can be performed at point-blank range.The attack is either an easy dodge or a free hit. If you are far enough away from Thraex, a simple dodge will get you to safety, leaving Thraex open to a counter. If Thraex is too close, however, this attack can catch you before you can see it coming. Take the hit, fall back, and heal if needed.
Sweeping LaserThraex will jump away and then fire off a sweeping laser that deals heavy damage. He will sweep this laser across the field twice.Thraex is wide open when he uses this attack, but unfortunately, he also gains a huge amount of damage reduction, making attacks mostly worthless. Instead of attacking, dodge through the lasers. This is much easier if you have upgraded your Finesse skill, as this lets you slide under them instead.

Preparing For Battle

Thraex is very aggressive and can attack you without much warning from just about anywhere. Having a fast weapon like a Sword, Dual Blades, or Polearm can make this fight much easier. You can quickly punish Thraex and then be ready to dodge his follow-up attacks.

Going in with Archon Fury maxed will make this fight easier, however, it won’t be as much of an “instant win” as earlier bosses. Thraex has buckets of health, and Archon Fury just makes burning through that pool easier.

Upgrading your dodge to include a slide will also make this fight, and most fights, easier. This will let you dodge under Thraex’s lasers, which is easier to pull off than dodging directly through them.

Battle Strategy

The strategy for Thraex is to exercise patience. Thraex is aggressive and can pull off some pretty lengthy combos. You don’t want to get caught in its rampage, so dodge until there is an opening.

Once you see an opening, get in his face and combo him until he is ready to launch into his next flurry. Once you see him wind up, fall back, and repeat.

Be aware the Thraex will douse large portions of the field in flames, making it hard to effectively engage Thraex. You will need to carefully navigate the hazards, whilst also dodging Thraex and, well, attacking him.

Not only that, but Thraex hits way too hard to actually parry or block (outside of his blue attack). This is common with all bosses, but even more so with Thraex as he can knock you into his fire fields. This will almost certainly give you the painful Ignite condition. Dodging is the best way to deal with Thraex as a result.

Remember to end your combos with a Heavy Attack. This will break any grey HP Thraex has, and also can cause health orbs to drop. This will end the fight faster, as well as keep you topped up on health without having to rely on your crystal stack.

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