Gods Will Fall Is A Celtic-Themed RPG From A British Indie Studio

Gods Will Fall is a Diablo-esque RPG created by Manchester-based studio Clever Beans (developers of the Wipeout Omega Collection,) and is currently scheduled for release on January 29th, 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. Heavily inspired by Celtic mythology, you’ll control a band of warriors fighting to end the titular Gods’ rule over humanity.

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Your clan is made up of eight different warriors of differing sizes and genders, each one having suffered from the torturous rule of the Gods. With them, you’ll infiltrate each God’s lair with the sole purpose of taking them down a peg. Guarded by countless minions, every lair you enter is treacherous and deadly. Succeed, and your clan member will become a legend. But should you fail, they’ll be lost and forgotten forever.

Gods Will Fall’s gimmick is that each clan warrior you control has their own unique weapon and ability, so you’ll need to choose your warrior to suit each situation. As you fight, your warrior will gain new skills, items, and weapons, but all of that can be snatched away should you fail. Death carries weight in Gods Will Fall and mistakes can mean the loss of your powerful warriors.

And while the main bulk of the game takes place in deadly lairs, Gods Will Fall also has a lavish HUB world called the Overworld. Here players can explore and ready themselves before they enter a lair, with each one different every time you stepthrough its door.

With an interesting story and a combat system that is easy to learn and difficult to master, Gods Will Fall looks like a very promising RPG. The emphasis on having a clan of warriors instead of a single protagonist could lead to some interesting choices, having to decide which warrior fights which God. Hopefully, there will be some level of choice so you can personalize your clan however you like. It’s an interesting title and one to look out for next year.

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