Going Commando’s Goons4Less Return In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Known as Thugs4Less in Going Commando, the now re-branded mercs for hire are back in full force, hunting Ratchet through the multiverse. It’s unclear if this is a continuation of the 2016 story with its own spin on the original PS2 sequel, or if they’re back for the PS3 timeline’s Lombax titular hero.

“You may recognize the Goons4Less,” Insomniac said in the State of Play, “This rebranded gang has been hired by Dr. Nefarious to attack Ratchet & Clank and are now also trapped in Rivet’s dimension.”

There seem to be a lot of hints toward Rivet being an alternate version of Ratchet in some shape or form, even if Insomniac isn’t saying it outright, so perhaps the Goons4Less will get a touch confused and catch her up in the crossfire. She’s certainly going at them at the factory in the trailer.

This appears to be another potential tie to Into the Nexus, the last main game in the original timeline which ended with the dynamic duo acquiring the Dimensionator, the very device Nefarious is using to invade and besiege the multiverse. That’s because Goons4Less – or Thugs4Less – last appeared in Into the Nexus, the only other game besides Going Commando and Secret Agent Clank that they’ve been in.

When playing Going Commando, it was Lombax Angela Cross who hired them to take care of Ratchet & Clank, before being hired once more by Qwark under the guise of Abercrombie Fizzwidget. Now, it’s Dr. Nefarious who has them on the payroll. They get around indiscriminately, that much is clear.

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