Google Stadia Controllers Will Be Compatible With Other Devices Starting Next Week

Google is making good on its rumoured pledge to salvage the Stadia controller, making it compatible with other platforms starting next week. This will coincide with the closure of Google Stadia, which will go offline for good on January 18.

The Stadia controller will be useable on other devices via the release of a tool that enables Bluetooth. Devs appear to still be ironing out a few kinks and can't share much more than that, but it does mean that you won't have to send the controller back for a refund once Stadia shuts down, letting you keep a part of gaming history without it being rendered useless.

So far, the statement on the matter is incredibly short. "Next week we'll be releasing a self-serve tool to enable Bluetooth connections on your Stadia Controller," reads a tweet from the Stadia account. More details will be shared once the update is live.

Of course, many are asking for specifics, such as whether or not the controller will be compatible with PlayStation and Xbox. Unfortunately, the Stadia team says it can't share the details on that just yet, so it remains to be seen just how versatile this controller will become.

Interestingly, however, when asked about the possibility of Stadia tech being made open source, the team says it has "no details to share about this". Since this isn't an outright denial, it's possible that Google has another announcement up its sleeve before Stadia is gone forever.

In fact, the software team definitely isn't done just yet. Despite the Stadia only set to last another week, another title was released for the service today: Worm Game. This tech demo was used by Stadia developers throughout the platform's life, testing its capabilities. It was actually made before the Stadia publicly launched too, potentially making it both the first and last game for Google's ill-fated attempt to break into the games industry.

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