Gotham Knights’ Spoiler-Filled Artbook Has Leaked A Few Weeks Ahead Of Launch

As seems to be tradition with big triple-A releases over the past few months, major spoilers for Gotham Knights have hit the internet thanks to the game's artbook leaking before the game's release.

Gotham Knights is just two weeks away from launching but it looks like it might be time for those looking forward to the game to start muting certain words and phrases on social media. A compendium art book is planned to release alongside the game, but it seems that some retailers have started selling it early as several pages from the book are circulating social media right now, including some that detail the game's final boss.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Gotham Knights' executive producer Fleur Marty commented on the contents of the artbook being leaked, noting that he didn't see why others would seek out to spoil things in any medium. Marty said, "I can't begin to understand why would anyone spoil a story (whether it's a game, a movie, a book, whatever) for others."

Although we won't go into detail on the leaks here considering how legitimate they appear to be, the nature of what they reveal, and how close it is to the game's official release, it's worth noting that the spoilers are pretty heavy. The main page from the artbook that's been circulating shows images of the final boss of the game, alongside text descriptions of what's happening in the scene, revealing a pretty big twist that has been the subject of discussion regarding the game since it was first revealed.

It's not clear if other pages from the artbook are going to show up as well, or if it's just going to be limited to this one main spoiler, but it seems that the compendium is out there in the wild and that more information from the game is going to get leaked over the new few weeks leading up to release, so it's worth being careful on social media if you're wary of that.

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