GTA 6 release date good news for Grand Theft Auto fans as ‘game testing’ begins?

Grand Theft Auto fans, buckle up. The hype train has already left the station with chatter on social feeds and GTA forums abuzz with discussions over the latest GTA 6 leak.

According to a recent Reddit post, fans have tracked down a new job posting on Linkedin byRockstar Games' Talent Acquisition Lead at Rockstar Games in India.

The linkedin post calling for game testers reads "Rockstar India is hosting a recruitment drive in PUNE for GAME TESTERS on 16th & 17th November 2019."

Whilst the image attached to said post goes into a bit more detail and reads:

"Would you like an opportunity to work amongst some of the most creative talent in the video game industry?"

Rockstar India, developer of Grand Theft Auto & Red Dead Redemption, is hiring"

You can see some of the other details on the below image.

As you might imagine, fans are starting to get very excited, especially at the possibility of Rockstar hiring 'Game Testers', which might suggest the game is in a playable state.

It would also be quite exciting if said game was being developered with PS4 and Xbox One in mind as opposed to just PS5 and Xbox Scarlett .

For now, the majority of discussion is naturally leaning towards GTA 6 being the game Rockstar are working on.

However, there's always the possibility that it could be for Bully 2, which has long been rumoured to return, but could equally be dead in the water.

Recent sources told VGC earlier this month that Rockstar New England had shelved development of Bully 2 . But that could be a decision made many years back.

We wouldn't rule out the possibility that the sequel could be picked up elsewhere.

Perhaps at Rockstar India, or even at Scottish studio, Ruffian Games, who also recently announced they were looking for new hires to work on some "unspecified titles" with Rockstar Games.

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Of course there is another, arguably more elegant possibility.

These new testers for Rockstar India could be a result of the studio taking on more responsibility for QA and testing of existing Rockstar Games IP.

It could be that Rockstar India are simply taking the lead on testing updates for Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

No doubt with the soon to be launched PC version ofRed Dead Redemption 2AND with the game also coming to Google Stadia, more QA resources will be needed.

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There are also some suggestions online that Rockstar could also be moving testing to Rockstar India because their core studios, at Edinburgh and Lincoln are busy on… other projects.

Again, it's not hard to imagine that these core studio's could be moved onto new projects.

Given the intense secrecy of Rockstar Games projects, it's very hard to make any definitive calls, but with so many new hires at some many studios across the globe, it's hard to shake the idea that something very exciting is going on behind the scenes at Rockstar Games.

Let's just hope it involved GTA 6 and is coming sooner rather than later.

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