GTA 6 release date won’t be in 2020, but looks to be coming in new job ad

Another week, another set of GTA 6 leaks coming out of Rockstar .

The company responsible for the likes of Bully, the Max Payne series and, more recently, the runaway success that is Red Dead Redemption 2 , seems to be going from strength to strength – only last week the developer’s parent company, 2K, revealed that GTA V had sold a whopping 115,000,000 copies.

Keen not to lose any of the momentum gained from that absolutely jaw-dropping sales number, it seems Rockstar is readying a crew of employees to work on the next game in the series, GTA 6.

New information this week once again suggests that the game is underway, and already well into development.

What game do you want Rockstar Games to release next?


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A new job listing for an Animation Systems Programmer has appeared on Rockstar's website over the past week.

The new listing reveals that Rockstar is "developing advanced animation systems for large open world character-based games". Certainly sounds like a Grand Theft Auto game to us…

Apparently, the ideal candidate will be someone who can further Rockstar’s research and development into "the boundaries of character animation on next generation hardware."

It’s not a push to assume that Rockstar is referring to the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett when it says next-gen hardware, which means that we’re definitely not going to see this game until both pieces of hardware are launched.

Which means the absolute earliest we’re going to see this game is Holiday 2020 – late next year.

When will GTA 6 release?


Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Rockstar advertise for roles looking at games in the next generation.

In the past month, a series of news stories pertaining to Rockstar India has more or less poured gasoline on the fire, first with a Rockstar Linkedin job listing asking for Game Testers , and another with a Rockstar Employee who's LinkedIn profile mentioned working on an 'Unannounced AAA game' .

Everything seems to be coming together – and we hope that means we can expect to see a new game in the fan-favourite series announced sooner, rather than later.

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