GTA Online Clip Shows How Much The Oppressor Has Been Nerfed

Rockstar rolled out one of GTA Online's biggest updates in recent memory this week. An update so big, it's almost unfair to call it that and should probably be labeled DLC. It ushers in a number of changes and improvements to the still massively popular game, including a significant nerf to the long-overpowered Oppressor Mk 2.

For those who have never ridden the Oppressor, it is effectively a rocket-powered bike that can also fire rockets at opponents. Well, less rockets and more powerful homing missiles. Homing missiles that are almost impossible to evade. At least they were before this week's update. The biggest nerf to the Oppressor has been the scaling down of its missiles' tracking capabilities, and it turns out the nerf made by Rockstar is a significant one.

A comparison video shared on Reddit by QrixPL shows how much easier it will be to avoid the Oppressor's rockets from now on, or how much harder it will be to hit your opponents if you're the one using the flying bike. The footage on the left shows the Oppressor before the nerf, its missiles hitting the vehicle on the ground below every time. On the right, after the update, the missiles fly erratically into the cross section beyond. Still doing plenty of damage, but not necessarily to the target its rider is trying to hit.

The missiles still appear to be just as powerful as before, and also seem to travel at the same speed. However, even when they're locked on, players should now have a fighting chance of avoiding rockets fired at them. Oppressor-riding players will also have a tougher time evading the players they're doing battle with. While not showcased above, the cooldown time for the bike's flare and smoke features, which can be used to throw off players pursuing them, has been doubled from ten seconds to 20 seconds.

The changes made to the Oppressor are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to GTA Online's hefty update. Nightclub owners, bikers, and gunrunners also have a slew of new features and rewards they can benefit from. Not to mention the Los Santos gas prices and temperature being turned up significantly, making the game feel a little too much like real life.

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