GTA Online Players Want A Fresh Start Once GTA 6 Launches

The recently leaked footage of GTA 6 has gotten the GTA Online community looking to the future. We all knew it wouldn't last forever. All good things must come to an end. But, will you go gentle into that good night? Will you be grateful for the fun you had? Or will you kick and scream and beg for a character and asset transfer to the new online mode Rockstar puts out?

Over on the GTA Online subreddit, players have been discussing their thoughts on the eventual shuttering of GTA Online. In a deeply surprising move, they're very calm about it.

The original poster wrote, "I highly doubt the money we accumulated are going to transfer to the next game." They're probably not wrong. GTA Online has been a huge earner for Rockstar because people keep buying Shark Cards so that they can afford all the in-game goodies, why develop a whole new online game just to have most players turn up as billionaires?

One player wrote, "Just like in life. Everything dies. So let's make the most of it." A sweet way to look at the finite time left in Los Santos. Another wrote, "It was never about the money. It was about what I could do with it." So, as long as there's fun stuff to do in the next GTA Online from the off, they'll be happy.

Others are actively looking forward to a fresh start. "Hoping nothing transfers over honestly. Be more fun if everyone starts fresh especially if it’s back to basics without all the op vehicles." The Oppressor really ruined the fun for a lot of players, but its recent nerf has given this news writer an excuse to dive back in.

Another echoed the sentiment, writing "I would love for them to recapture the first years of GTA5 online, when everyone ran around with uzi’s and ak’s just doing drivebys and impromptu races. Give us a clean slate!"

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