GTA Player Recreates The Fast And The Furious’ First Street Race

Grand Theft Auto is a long-running series and has become one of the most popular games in history. It's Rockstar's achievement in creating such a finely tuned sandbox for mayhem. From the weather system to the realistic physics (the odd bug aside), to the algorithms governing traffic and NPCs, to the glorious AI of the police who chase and hunt you down with unerring relentlessness, it's a beautifully complex creation that doesn't forget to feel intuitive. But for one GTA creator, it's all about family.

That's because 7BucksGaming is a serious GTA fan and quite clearly a fan of the Fast & Furious movie series. The YouTuber regularly makes content including tutorials and memes based on Rockstar's signature game. In their latest video they have carefully and brilliantly recreated the street race between Brian and Dom Toretto from the very first Fast and Furious movie inside GTA 5.

The creator makes extensive use of Rockstar Editor, a feature that PC players of GTA 5 can use to record, edit, and share videos created using footage from the game's story mode and GTA Online. 7BucksGaming has cleverly spliced footage from the movie with footage they've captured from the game, but it is impressive just how much they have been able to capture in game. Watch it below:

7BucksGaming has form in this regard as they previously recreated the plane drop scene from Fast And Furious 7 when cars are unloaded off a cargo plane from the sky and fall back down to earth. The YouTuber managed to remake the scene in GTA 5 for what is perhaps an even more impressive recreation.

His latest is also a nostalgia trip for Fast & Furious fans since the first movie debuted all the way back in 2001. Yes, that's 21 years ago. The film starred Vin Diesel as Dominic "Dom" Toretto, a notorious street racer, and the late Paul Walker as undercover cop Brian O'Conner. The movie series has since gone to become one of the highest grossing in history, a profitability it shares with GTA, which is one of gaming's highest grossing series.

Check out 7BucksGaming's latest and check out how he recreated Dom and Brian in the game, as well as the entire scene. Once again GTA creators are showing their skills. Surely, they deserve at least a Corona for their efforts!

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