GTA: San Andreas VR Is Developed By LA Noire VR Studio

The upcoming VR version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Oculus Quest 2 is being at least partially developed by the studio that teased a AAA Rockstar VR game in mid-2020.

In July of last year Video Games Deluxe, the developer of the LA Noire: The VR Case Files port for PC VR and PSVR, stated it was “gearing up for a new project, a AAA open world title in VR for Rockstar.” At the time just about everyone speculated as to what this could be, with suggestions ranging from ports of the studio’s biggest games to all new titles set within iconic franchises.

GTA: San Andreas VR Developer Revealed

In a new LinkedIn message posted today, though, Video Games Deluxe confirmed that this new version of San Andreas is at least one of the projects it’s been working on. “As announced at the Facebook Connect event we are beavering away on one of the world’s best loved games for VR,” the post reads. “We are heavily recruiting for this and other projects.”

The developer is encouraging anyone interested in joining the studio in Sydney to reach out. It’s not clear if Video Games Deluxe is the only developer behind this upcoming port, nor if San Andreas VR is definitely the exact AAA VR title the studio teased last year. Given that the studio says it was “purpose built for VR”, it’s reasonable to assume its other projects are for headsets too. Feel free to keep speculating, then.

We’ll likely see more of GTA: San Andreas VR at the Oculus Gaming Showcase next year.

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