Guessing How Well Every Overwatch Tank Could Drive A Real Tank

When I play Overwatch, I bounce between DPS and Tank heroes. Entirely because of Mercy's design I have dabbled in Support, but I'm frankly not that great at it, so DPS and Tanks it is. I'm in the mood to write about Overwatch, but at the time of writing Overwatch 2 has not yet launched and the original has been shut down. I missed the beta, haven't played for at least a year, and I'm nowhere near enough of an expert to comment on anything meaningful. That's why I'm ranking all of Overwatch's Tanks by how well they could drive a real tank.

Wrecking Ball

Are you kidding? He's a hamster. I know he drives his own mech, but that's specially designed for him. In a real tank he'd just be a useless hamster. Bottom of the list.

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