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If there is one thing that is absolutely unambiguous about Infernax, it is the difficulty: this is a game that can be brutal. Thankfully, all is not lost. Infernax includes a healthy host of potent power-ups. You will acquire everything from better maces to familiars to powerful skills in your quest. These upgrades are very likely going to be the difference between you completing the game and breaking your controller.

Some of these upgrades will be completely optional, others will require that you make a decision as to which upgrade you would like to receive — in every instance, this decision will be tethered to the morality system. It is quite possible to have a different set of skills across many playthroughs. Ultimately, this means that Infernax is a game that is primed to be replayed multiple times.

Attribute Upgrades (Power, HP, Mana)

When playing Alcedor, you should probably place an emphasis on upgrading your Power and Heath to begin with, as you aren't going to have much use for mana in the first part of the game. However, you should purchase the first spell available from Darsov, which doesn't require much mana, and can be extremely useful.

If you are looking to grind levels in the early game, we recommend farming the Deadknight. There is one located in the Valeshire Keep dungeon (the first dungeon you will encounter in the game), and they will respawn once you leave and reenter the screen again. They provide a whopping 250 experience points, so a few minutes of farming them will almost certainly boost your attributes considerably.

Attributes Stats And Their Levels

AttributeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6

How To Find New Equipment

Infernax has a number of options for equipment. It isn't required that you purchase each successive piece of equipment, so if you are feeling thrifty, you can skip a piece of equipment, save your money, and hold out for the next piece.

Weapons And Armor Locations

Silver MaceArkos Blacksmith300
Magic MaceKastki Blacksmith400
Holy MaceIn order to obtain the Holy Mace, you will need to complete the Hidden Crypt dungeon. The dungeon is located in the same room as the Necronomicon; just destroy the wall to the right of it.

Unfortunately, to reach this point will require either seeing the ultimate good route or the ultimate evil route to their conclusion, which means essentially performing every good act or performing every evil act.

Chain mailDarsov Blacksmith100
Silver ArmorArkos Blacksmith400
Holy ArmorIn order to obtain the Holy Armor, you will need to complete the Sunken Palace dungeon. This is a secret dungeon that is located east of the Stormheim Castle dungeon.

You will need to use the Holy Charge skill to exit the screen on the left. You will land on a platform on the other screen, you will need to jump from the side of that platform and use the Holy Charge skill one more time. From there, the dungeon will be available to you.

Other Items Locations

FlaskDarsov blacksmith100
FlaskArkos blacksmith200
FlaskKastki blacksmith250
Extra LifeDarsov apothecary150
Extra LifeArkos apothecary500
Extra LifeKastki apothecary600

Evil Playthrough Equipment

If you play through the game making evil choices (such as killing the man at the beginning of the game, sparing the brigand on the bridge, reasoning with the creature in the cage, letting the skeleton go free, flooding Arkos, etc.), you will eventually obtain a quest that will start you plummeting into the dark side.

After performing a number of dastardly deeds you will be given the opportunity to play a part in a human sacrifice (things get very dark during this playthrough). Once you have completed that quest, you will be given a new aesthetic. This will come with a new weapon: the sword. The sword has longer range than your standard mace. It will also change the names of your equipment (though how you acquire them doesn't change at all).

Good RouteEvil Route
MaceLong Sword
Silver MaceSilver Long Sword
Magic MaceMagic Long Sword
Holy MaceHellish Long sword
Holy ArmorHellish Armor

How To Get Every Skill And Spell

Throughout Infernax you will acquire a number of skills and spells. The skills are almost all necessary for completing the game, but nearly all the spells (with the exception of the Thunderstorm spell) are completely optional. That being said, the spells are all very useful, and it would be a mistake to ignore them — unless that is, you are looking for an extra challenge.

The Complete Skills List

Precision StrikeThis skill is acquired in the Combbelton Necropolis dungeon. The Precision Strike skill is located on the eastern end of the dungeon.
Guided StrikeUse the precision strike skill to break through the wall in front of the house southwest of Darsov. Talk to Danielle and she will ask you to kill the monster living in her basement.

In this battle, you will simply need to reflect the creature's projectiles back at them (hitting their giant eye). It isn't too tough. Once you complete this battle, you will be rewarded with the Guided Strike skill.

Holy Charge This skill is acquired in the Kastka Palace dungeon. It is located in the northern section of the dungeon.
SkycallThis skill is acquired in the Stormheim Castle dungeon. However, be prepared, obtaining it will require some of the most treacherous platforming in the game. You will probably want to have purchased all the Extra Life upgrades before you attempt this one.

The Complete Spells List

Shield SpellProvides increased defense. (2 MP)Purchased from the Darsov Apothecary.100
Heal*Heals Alcedor completely. (4 MP)East of Combbelton Cemetery, tell the cultists to leave at the request of James (the owner of the nearby Apothecary). Then James will sell you the Heal spell.250
Drain Life*Steals health from enemies and gives it to Alcedor. (3 MP)East of Combbelton Cemetary, drink with the cultists instead of forcing them to leave. Once you awake in the morning, James (the store owner) will be "gone". There will be a cultist there in his place. They will sell you the Drain Life spell.250
ThunderstormDeals damage to all enemies on the screen. (3 MP)Found in the Valeshire Keep dungeon.
Time WarpSwitches between night and day. (2 MP)Purchased from the Arkos Apothecary.100
TeleportAllows you to teleport to every encountered save shrine in the game. (3 MP)Purchased from the Apothocary west of Arkos. You will need to use your Skycall ability to reach this particular shop.200
FamiliarSummons a familiar to help you. The familiar will also flip switches. (4 MP)Purchased from the Kastki Apothecary.300
Holy LightAdds a projectile to your base attack for a period of time. (3 MP)Found in the Kadjanto Stronghold dungeon.

*There is no way to obtain both the Heal spell and the Drain Life spell in the same playthrough. This is an either-or situation (similar to the spell upgrades in the game).

How To Upgrade Your Spells

Throughout the course of the game, you will have multiple opportunities to obtain upgrades for your spells. You typically have the ability to acquire one of two upgrades, depending on your choices. One path aligns with good, the other with evil. However, making one or two "evil" choices will not damn you to playing through the evil route — it will lock you out of achieving the ultimate good ending, though.

Shield Spell Upgrade

Depending on what you do on the bridge with the bandit, you will either have the ability to purchase the Thorn Shield or the Regen Shield. If you accept the bribe and let the brigand go, you will later be able to purchase the Thorn Shield. If you kill the brigand, you will receive the Regen Shield. The Thorn Shield will deal damage to your enemies, while the Regen Shield will heal a small amount.

Familiar Spell Upgrade

In Katski, you can choose to help Caroline (the woman who lives next to the mayor on the east side of town) by killing the skeleton who is threatening her, at which point you will be rewarded with the Dove upgrade to your familiar spell later when you cross the bridge leading to the dungeon.

If you choose to spare the skeleton instead (dooming Caroline in the process), you will be rewarded with the Fiend upgrade to your familiar later on the same bridge that leads directly to…

Thunderstorm Spell Upgrade

… Firestorm. This upgrade can only be acquired if you are of an evil alignment. The mayor of Kastki will open a door for you that leads to a hidden pathway. You will then have the chance to pay 250 gold to upgrade your Thunderstorm spell into the Firestorm spell.

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