Guilty Gear Strive Opening Movie Shown, Season Pass 1 Detailed

On the cusp of its release, the anime arena brawler Guilty Gear Strive showcases in full a remarkable opening sequence provided via Sunday’s live stream hosted by publisher Arc System Works. Resplendent with all forms of content, the showcase even displayed a titillating launch trailer and an Early Access roadmap for fans to gear up in the excitement as Strive’s debut draws ever closer.

Teasing many non-playable characters in its opening movie, Guilty Gear Strive stays true to its roots with a four-hour-long anime-inspired story mode containing zero battles. The narrative itself has become the focus of this go-around and it shows, focusing on Sol’s story and his development since Rev2.

Despite the cutscene-addled story mode, there is still much to anticipate after the launch of Guilty Gear Strive, as the future roadmap teases a bunch of new characters joining the roster, in addition to maps and all-new mechanics. Players can expect to see up to five new fighters via the season pass, the first of which will be unveiled in July and the second making the rounds in August.

In addition to an arena jam-packed with all-new challengers, Guilty Gear Strive will be updated with two new battle stages and a color pack, both of which can be bought separately from the Season 1 pass, along with the five forthcoming characters. These changes will all be arriving in-game by Fall 2021, along with an additional narrative portion coined “Another Story,” which will only be available via the Season 1 pass.

Strive will also be introducing free DLC updates in the form of customization features for Player Match Rooms, as well as a highly anticipated Combo Maker, which will not only allow players to build out their very own fighting combos but share them with other players. Given Takeshi Yamanaka’s remarks on being most excited to see fans “communicate with one another through Guilty Gear,” the Combo Maker appears to be one of the most important aspects of this revised experience. A Digital Figure Mode will likewise be joining the game sometime following its release.

Fans can expect a Guilty Gear Strive Launch Event slated for June 12, which will premier on Twitch from 4-10 PM PDT. It will feature exhibition matches in public lobbies with the likes of Giovanna, Nagoriyuki, and Anji, allowing players to go toe-to-toe with some of the most renowned Guilty Gear battlers specifically based in North America. There will also be a Team Region Battle Royal, which will open up to players in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, along with a variety of giveaways in the form of t-shirts and game codes throughout the event.

Guilty Gear Strive launches everywhere on June 11 for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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