Guitar Hero Mod Brings Yakuza’s Kiryu And Persona’s Joker To The Stage

How would you like to play Guitar Hero World Tour with an ever-expanding roster of copyrighted video game characters? Then you should take a look at the Guitar Hero World Tour: Definitive Edition, a mod that lets you rock out as Kiryu from the Yakuza series, Joker from Persona 5, and many more.

Guitar Hero World Tour: Definitive Edition is an "expansive mod" with "heaps of new characters and content." Besides updating the game's engine to modern standards, it also makes it far easier for users to add their own content thanks to a set of open-source tools that are publicly available. This has allowed users to throw in new songs, guitars, and pages upon pages of fully animated characters.

For example, you can jam as Alyx from Half-Life, Steve from Minecraft, or 2B from Nier Automata. Or, if you're feeling like the time is just right, there's a model of everyone's favorite failed antihero, Morbius. Maybe Guitar Hero is where he’ll finally get his big break.

There's more to the mod than just wacky new characters. You can select your guitar or base before shows (and use totally new ones that have been created by the community). The mod features enhanced graphics settings that let you disable the depth of field or enable borderless window mode. You can download the notes from Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock or Guitar Hero III. There's more speed settings to practice those tunes you still haven't managed to 100 percent yet, and you can even use a non-branded microphone while you do it.

The mod has also imported a bunch of songs from other Guitar Hero games, and you can download all those song packs for free.

To get Guitar Hero World Tour: Definitive Edition, just head to the official website here. For new characters, songs, and guitar models, head over to Nexus Mods to browse an ever-expanding library of user-generated content.

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