Halo Infinite: Arbiter voice actor teases potential involvement

Some fans suspect that the Arbiter may make a return in Halo Infinite, judging by a recent tweet from his voice actor.

There has been little news about Halo Infinite since it was delayed ahead of the Xbox Series X/S’ launch.

343 Industries did provide a lengthy update about the game earlier this month, though it primarily focused on the visuals and technical side of things, as well as confirming a new release window of autumn 2021.

Today, though, some fans are convinced that a beloved character from the series will be making a return in Halo Infinite; namely, the Arbiter.

This comes from a simple tweet made by the Arbiter’s voice actor, Keith David, in response to a fan asking if he was going to be in Halo Infinite, where he says ‘I’d have to kill you.’

Considering David doesn’t simply say no, it does paint the impression that he does have some kind of involvement with the game.

The Arbiter first made an appearance in Halo 2 as a member of the Covenant (the main antagonists of the original trilogy) and as the second playable character aside from Master Chief.

The Arbiter eventually found himself joining forces with Master Chief and the human race, making regular appearances throughout the series, including the last major entry, Halo 5: Guardians.

It’s always possible that David could be voicing another character entirely. And, if the Arbiter is returning, it’s not a guarantee that he’ll play a key role and he could only make a brief appearance.

With the game still almost a year away from coming out, it’s probably going to be a while until fans can know for sure.

Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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