Halo Infinite Has A Number Of Hidden Game Modes

There's been no looking back ever since the shadow drop of Halo Infinite's multiplayer. At a time when titles like Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 haven't been up to the mark, Infinite swooped in and filled that first-person multiplayer shooter shaped void perfectly. But it seems that the game has much more to offer players, a bunch of hidden game modes to be precise.

As spotted by PC Gamer, a Reddit post by WickedSoldier991 has revealed a whole host of hidden game modes for Halo Infinite if you start up the game with Steam set in offline mode. They also pointed out that they can be saved onto file share and then be accessed online. These aren't just the usual game modes with modifiers too, there seem to be some which are completely different from the ones available.

Attrition gives each team a limited number of respawns which the opposing team needs to whittle down to zero. Elimination looks similar to Attrition, only it has no respawns and features multiple rounds. And Tactical Slayer removes all shields and radars from the mix. These modes haven't been announced or discussed by 343 Industries, so WickedSoldier991 could have stumbled upon something the devs were not ready to reveal yet.

The Redditor also seems to be an all-around good person, as in their post they shared their gamer tag for anyone who wanted access to the files of the game modes. Unfortunately, a follow up post mentioned that 343 has removed these hidden modes for now. This lends credence to the fact that they may not be ready to introduce them just yet.

Earlier this week, the names of 14 unannounced game modes for Halo Infinite were leaked. Many of them also feature in the screenshot shared by the Redditor, so there's a big chance we'll be seeing them soon.

One of the few complaints that players have been having about the multiplayer revolves around the battle pass progression system. Players were frustrated that it incentivised completing challenges, rather than completing objectives, resulting in a low XP yield after matches. The developers have acknowledged these grievances and have already started to implement changes.

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