Halo Infinite Matches Transfer An Unreasonably Large Amount Of Data And Nobody’s Sure Why

If you're into Halo Infinite's multiplayer, you're probably thirsting for some new content, the Forge mode, or even campaign co-op. The game had a great start after the multiplayer was shadow dropped last year, and then again with the launch of its campaign. Unfortunately, it's only been downhill since then – starting with the broken progression system, and then for the sheer lack of content. Constant delays have meant that players don't have much to download – however, it appears that the game is downloading something rather large, but nobody knows what.

As spotted by NicmeistaR on Twitter, each Halo Infinite match appears to be using an unreasonably large amount of data – over 300mb, apparently. They posted this revelation on Twitter, saying that the game is absolutely messing with players' networks and data caps. They weren't sure if it was a bug either. For the sake of comparison, NicmeistaR's investigation revealed that the average match should use only up to 11mb.

It appears they weren't the only one, as the tweet received a reply from HaloHubGG saying they too observed that "the game is transferring a huge amount of data. One thing we do know is that they're collecting extra diagnostic data right now, but surely that can't be hundreds of MB a match, they'd be bankrupt from their data storage costs."

In a follow-up tweet, NicmeistaR noted that even just "chilling in the menu" results in the usage of up to 700mb of data. "Which is just nuts, I'd understand them doing this in the flight but in retail? You can't do this to people who play on capped data (I don't) but damn that's almost a game," they continued.

However, there might be an answer to this, but it hasn't been confirmed by 343 Industries as of yet. Apparently, the game downloads the banner image for season 2 up to 1,000 to 2,000 times for some reason. It appears to pause when you're in a match, but resumes once again when you're in the lobby or even the general menu. 343 Industries is aware of the issue and is working on fixing it.

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