Halo Infinite multiplayer issues now include higher internet fees

Finishing a multiplayer match in Halo Infinite could reward you with enough unneeded data to break your data cap.

Halo Infinite has had a troubled life. Things came together enough for the launch but ever since it’s been lurching from one problem to another, and this weekend it managed to add another one to the list.

The game is still missing campaign co-op and Forge modes (though the former is being beta tested), and the multiplayer is apparently rampant with issues in need of fixing. The latest being a bizarre bug that’s been breaking players’ data caps.

After every multiplayer match, Halo Infinite has been forcefully downloaded over 300MB of extra data. Considering most people likely play a few matches or even more in a single play session, the extra data naturally impacted network speeds and exceeded data caps.

Although the issue is now widely known, many players are facing unexpectedly higher than usual Internet bills.

The good news is that 343 Industries has already begun fixing the problem. A backend update has since gone live and should reduce the amount of data downloaded after multiplayer matches.

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