Halo Player Creates Working Portal Gun In Infinite

The future of Halo Infinite is a little uncertain following a rocky first year. That hasn't stopped players from creating some pretty astounding stuff in its Forge though, including a working Portal gun that allows its creator to teleport from place to place with ease.

Haydn Wilde is the Infinite player responsible for the impressive Forge creation. In the clip showcasing exactly how it works, the backdrop is pretty plain, but that's by design. This isn't a video showing The Upside Down from Stranger Things in Halo, which has also been done. It just needs to show players how the Portal-inspired weapon works.

Although most of the level in which the gun is being demonstrated is made up of plain blocks, the numbers above them are there to show the portal gun actually functions as intended. A zero, 90, minus 90, and a 180 prove the Spartan really is stepping into one portal and emerging from the other that was set up beforehand. As is the case in the appropriately named Portal series which inspired this Infinite creation, right down to the colors of the portals the Halo gun can open.

You might be reading this thinking Halo crossed with Portal is already a thing. Splitgate which became a pretty big deal for a short while in 2021. The creators of Splitgate noticed that too. The official account for the game replied to Wilde's tweet with a gif, jokingly pointing out that it noticed the similarities. Wilde replied to Splitgate promising they're not trying to make their own version of the game “yet”.

Despite the problems the Halo series appears to be facing, it was revealed this week that Forge still has a roadmap. Good news for Wilde and all of the other players who have been using the mode to build some pretty incredible stuff. Not just portal guns and The Upside Down, but also Whiterun from Skyrim and even Mario Kart which was built before the mode had properly launched.

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