Halo Season 2 Shares On-Set Images Of Spartans As It Begins Filming

Halo got the TV adaptation treatment earlier this year and it's probably fair to say reactions and reviews to its first season were mixed. Paramount is focusing on the positive side of those reactions and revealed this week that production on season two has officially begun.

The announcement that work has started on Halo's second season was revealed on Twitter (thanks, GamesRadar). The show's Twitter account shared a photo of Pablo Schreiber, who plays Master Chief, on the set and out of character, posing alongside three of his fellow Spartans. Apparently the quartet is in Iceland with the rest of the cast and crew to kick things off.

The backdrop for where production has begun looks a lot like Installation 04 from the very first Halo game, allowing fans to start speculating on where exactly the show's story will go in season two. While the settings and other elements might be the same, it's probably not worth looking for a specific thread Paramount might follow from the games as it has been going out on a tangent in that regard.

That's one of the reasons why some Halo fans didn't like what they saw in season one. More a show based on Halo rather than a faithful adaptation, the latter being what HBO is gunning for with The Last Of Us. Master Chief removing his helmet and revealing his face also didn't sit well with a lot of people. Schreiber has his helmet off again in the photo above, but without spoiling season one, there's every reason to believe that won't be commonplace based on how the show left things.

No word yet on when exactly Halo fans can expect season two to premiere. It'll probably be a while if production has only just begun. While season one certainly wasn't a flop, season two will need to up its game if there's going to be anything after that. Studios and streaming services are canceling shows at the drop of a hat as of late. Netflix's Resident Evil show was canceled after one season, a decision fueled by fans with complaints similar to the ones made about Paramount's Halo.

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