Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd Annoucned At The Game Awards

Hellboy: Web of Wyrd has just been announced at The Game Awards. The beautifully cel-shaded game will be coming to every platform you can shake a stick at, but no release date has been announced just yet.

Web of Wyrd is a roguelite action-adventure game with an all-new original story made in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, so if you're looking for an authentic Hellboy adventure, you should hopefully be in luck. As we can see in the trailer, the gameplay consists of hard-hitting brawls with huge monsters – exciting.

The quests you undertake in the game are all tied to The Butterfly House. An agent of the B.P.R.D. is sent to the mysterious mansion and goes missing – you (Hellboy) and your team of agents will need to uncover the mansion's secrets and track your colleague down.

This upcoming Hellboy game is being developed by Upstream Arcade, creators of West of Dead, a cover-based shooter set in purgatory. It features a Ghost Rider-esque protagonist – the dude has a flaming skull – and the same bold, cel-shaded art style Web of Wyrd has, so it's clear the team has some experience in this field. It only came out two years ago, and with modern game development times the way they are, we likely won't be seeing Hellboy until 2024 at the earliest.

Even though it's only the preshow, we've already had an important award announced. Marvel Snap has won Best Mobile Game. This is a surprise to absolutely no one at TheGamer as the fun title has quickly shot up a lot of the editors' game of the year lists.

Kirby and the Forgotten Lands took home the award for Best Family Game – a bit of a surprise considering you can't really play it with the whole family, but there we are. It beat out Nintendo Switch Sports and Splatoon 3, showing that the Family Game category is just 'games that kids can play, sort of.'

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