Here Is Every Single Genshin Impact Character As Described By A Baby

Which Genshin Impact character was dubbed ‘Chicken Mommy?’ The answer will surprise you!

Now, the world of gaming criticism can be a harsh and unfriendly place. Professional critics and fans alike have super strong opinions about the titles they play and can sometimes be cynical when titles don’t live up to expectations.

No game is perfect, after all. This is probably for the best, as it allows players to air their grievances online (and if there’s one thing gamers just relish doing, it’s airing their grievances online). Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was a triumph, but its lack of an “established Assassin” in the starring role invoked the wrath of some players.

Genshin Impact has been a barnstorming success, enjoying one of the most successful launches in the history of mobile gaming. Does this mean it’s beyond reproach? Absolutely not. It’s a super entertaining experience, yes, but it also has its share of issues. What exactly is the deal with the newly added Xinyan, for instance?

All of this aside, though, the industry puts a huge amount of faith in the opinions of others. Reviews are of critical importance when it comes to informing new game purchases, naturally, but sometimes, something a little more light-hearted is needed. Over on Reddit, for instance, a super enthusiastic baby has taken it upon themselves to offer their entirely cynicism-free, unbiased, and utterly adorable opinion on the characters of Genshin Impact.

The Character Archive screen is where all the magic happens. The clip begins with this internet sensation of a child offering an in-depth evaluation of everything Keqing is, was and should be: “PURPLE!” From there, it’s on to Venti (“GREEN!”) and Klee (“RED!”), among others, though Diona proves a bit of an enigma (“I DUNNO! WHITE!”).

This thought-provoking and utterly educational character review then moves on to Lisa (“I DUNNO! IS A WITCH!”). From there, we learn that Klee is “A SPIDER” and Qiqi is “A CAT!” Mind-blowing revelations, each and every one.

Here’s the real kicker, though: Diluc is dubbed “A DADDY,” while Jean (drowner of pesky Lawachurls) is deemed “MOMMY!” Clearly, this child has a knowledge of the Genshin Impact fandom far beyond their years. As for “Chicken Mommy,” that was Bennett.

Was this the cutest and most innocent news story you’ll read today? Yes, yes it was.

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