HeroClix X-Men House Of X Delayed Until End Of Month

Bad news for HeroClix fans, as WizKids just announced that it’s pushing back the release of X-Men House of X. The new set, which contains figures based on the mutant’s recent move to Krakoa, was supposed to come out on December 9. Now it’s set for December 30.


The delay was announced on the official WizKids Twitter account, along with the reasoning behind it. It seems that the logistics of holiday shipping coupled with COVID-induced difficulties made December 9 too close a goal to meet. An extra three weeks wasn’t too long a wait for most commenters, although some might find their stack of Christmas presents one brick short.

X-Men House of X is a highly-anticipated set as it both references current storylines and brings back characters not seen in years. The Starjammers are even invited to the party, as is Psylocke in her role as Captain Britain. But perhaps the biggest figure out of the set is the Chase Krakoa.

As a sentient island, Krakoa can split off embodiments of itself and can use ancient magic. These abilities manifest in-game by allowing X-Men to teleport around the field and grants support abilities, all for a low 40 points. We’re sure to see many teams fielding Krakoa when the set finally does launch on December 30.

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