Hi-Fi Rush: 7 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Hi-Fi Rush is a vibrant Tango Gameworks release that oozes style, and is the complete opposite of the usual horror games it puts out. You play as Chai, a wannabe rockstar who looks to get his broken arm replaced with a robotic one. However, after a music player lands on his chest mid-operation, he suddenly has the power to destroy enemies to the beat.

The rhythm action platformer revolves around escaping the facility that now deems Chai a defect. While your approach to the game may be different from others, there are a couple of relatable things that everyone does.

7 Spamming Buttons During Battle

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm game, so you need to try to hit attacks on the beat. This could be easy early on, but as battles escalate, it can be hard to remember to stay on time with the song.

This can lead to just spamming attack buttons, especially if you are beginning to panic. Luckily, the game accounts for these moments, and will not punish you heavily for being off-beat. In fact, attacks will still land in rhythm, they just won't deal as much damage as if you were in sync.

6 Forgetting To Parry

A couple of stages into the game, or "tracks" as Hi-Fi Rush likes to call them, Chai will learn how to parry attacks. This will allow you to deflect damage, and puts it back on the enemy.

While some times to parry are obvious, such as sequences that require you to match inputs to the beat, it is easy to forget that parrying can be used at pretty much anytime while engaged in a battle. Just make sure the timing is right, or you will take unnecessary damage.

5 Sticking To One Special Attack

While Chai has an array of hack-and-slash attacks that he can use while in battle, filling up your guitar meter will allow him to perform a special attack. When learning about this, you will be given a special attack to start out with. However, a new special attack can be equipped at any time at the shop.

But while some may want to experiment with any sort of attack, it is understandable if you find one special attack you love, and want to stick with that until the end. All of them can be effective, especially if you take into account your specific play style. It also can save some money that can be used elsewhere.

4 Getting Frustrated At The Bike Enemy

The further you get into Hi-Fi Rush, the more robots are introduced as new obstacles to overcome. Around the midway point in the game, Chai will encounter a robot that is part-motorcycle. However, unlike most robots in the game, the Bike Enemy doesn't really attack you.

Instead, it places a device down that puts shields around all the other enemies in the arena. On top of that, it will keep placing these devices down until you kill them, which is hard to do since it will keep zooming away from you. Once finally defeated, all of its shield devices deactivate, but getting to that point can be a frustrating point for many.

3 Stop Moving To Get Back In Rhythm

Not everyone is going to go into Hi-Fi Rush with the ability to stay perfectly in rhythm the entire way through. That's why it is totally normal to take a moment and re-establish yourself with the beat of the world.

One of the nicer aspects of Hi-Fi Rush is that they give you the option to pull up a rhythm guide. This will help when attempting to get back into the game's groove, especially in a moment that may require perfect timing. It's also fun to just stop and watch Chai snap his fingers to the beat.

2 Watching CNMN Closely In Every Scene

There are a ton of great characters throughout Hi-Fi Rush, but one of the more stand-out performances in the game is a robot ally named CNMN. He was created by Macaron to serve as both an assistant and as a friend, as they were isolated from the rest of the facility.

But because of a comment made by Macaron off-screen, CNMN always wants to change his facial expressions, so he doesn't come across as off-putting. Throughout the adventure, CNMN has a marker that he uses to quickly change his facial expression based on what he is saying, and the emotion he is trying to portray. You can't help but love his antics, and can easily get distracted from the task at hand while watching him.

1 Rhythmically Dashing

Another key move that Chai has at his disposal is the ability to dodge out of the way of certain enemy attacks. Doing this to the beat will net a few bonuses, but as long as you don't get hit, that is truly the main benefit of the dodge.

That said, Hi-Fi Rush is also a platformer, and there are many segments dedicated to just making your way through a level. The dodge can be used as a dash, which then may get some compelled to dash in rhythm to the music. Not only does this help you get through more tame portions of the game quicker, you feel like you are doing so in style.

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