Hi-Fi Rush: How To Defeat Kale

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Defeating Kale in Hi-Fi Rush can be challenging. However, when you understand his pattern, you can beat Kale with ease. Unlike other main bosses, Kale is much stronger, and he has a good amount of attack variety. The fact that he has so many different attacks makes him hard to predict and difficult to keep track of.

Monitoring Kale's actions is vital for surviving in this boss fight — if you aren't used to parrying in the game, you will need to become accustomed to it. In this fight, parrying will put you in front.

Phase One

Kale is a three-phase boss. The other two phases are basically harder versions of the first one.

In all phases in general, the best thing you can do is holding Kale in the air as much as you can. Making this will help you beat Kale more easily because while he is in the air, he can't attack you. There are cool combos you can do to hold him in the air for a long time.

For example, you can start the combo with Arpeggio Attack, lifting Kale into the air, and then you can do a Compress Slam attack. However, when the beat hit comes, you should summon Peppermint to do a Switch Kick attack. After she does her move, Kale will be tossed into the air again, and you can keep chaining your attacks like this.

In phase one, just make sure you are paying attention to Kale's finger. When he snaps his finger the little drones will start to shoot you, and you will know it is parry time.

Phase Two

In phase two, you should patiently wait for the right time. You should use your partners when you have a clear opening.

For example, when Kale pulls off his arm with fire, you should use Korsica. When his armored arms are open to attack, it's time for Macaron to break them. Lastly, when he pulls off the shield, you should break it with the help of Peppermint.

Make sure to take your time in this phase because you can't beat the boss before destroying his robotic arms and making him vulnerable to your attacks.

Phase Three

The final phase is the hardest one, as you can expect. In this phase, Kale's attacks are more frequent, and his electric attack is much more difficult to dodge. Considering this, parrying these electric attacks will be more convenient.

As well as in the previous phases, making Kale paralyzed by keeping him in the air is the key. However, watch out, because he will be much more aggressive than before, and also he will have more attack variations.

For example, Kale will stand in the corner and pop six circular flames around himself similar to his electric attack. After this move, he will attack you with three long sword swipes, which you can either jump above them or parry them.

After you beat this boss, you will be able to access Spectra Doors that you couldn't access earlier in the game. When you find all Spectra Door locations in Hi-Fi Rush, you will be able to unlock the secret ending with Kale.

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