Hikaru Utada Performed Kingdom Hearts’ Simple And Clean And Face My Fears At Coachella 2022

Hikaru Utada performed Simple and Clean and Face My Fears, the intro songs for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 3, live at Coachella.

When it was announced that Hikaru Utada would be performing live at Coachella yesterday, many of their fans wondered if they'd sing any of the songs from Kingdom Hearts considering the series just had its 20th-anniversary last week and that they're both some of the singer's most popular works.

As it turns out, that assumption was correct as Utada opened their set with perhaps their most iconic song, Simple and Clean from the first Kingdom Hearts. Technically, it's actually the version of Simple and Clean used in the game's ending, but most fans will recognise it from the game's opening. Utada later performed Face My Fears, the slightly-less-popular song used to open Kingdom Hearts 3 that was made in collaboration with Skrillex, a longtime fan of the series.

Interestingly, although there are a few examples out there of Utada singing Simple and Clean live over the years, to my knowledge they haven't performed Face My Fears before, and certainly not at a venue like Coachella, so it's a real treat for Kingdom Hearts fans to see. Skrillex has previously remixed Face My Fears live a few times, but it's rarer to see Utada perform their songs from Kingdom Hearts live. It's likely that they decided to give Kingdom Hearts fans an extra treat thanks to the recent announcement of a fourth game in the series.

Unfortunately, Sanctuary, Utada's criminally-underrated song for Kingdom Hearts 2, didn't make an appearance at Coachella, despite arguably being more popular than Face My Fears. According to aitaikimochi, the rest of Utada's set included First Love, Automatic, and T, which was apparently played after the set had ended. Although Utada is well-known for their work on Kingdom Hearts, their other music is just as popular, so it's not too surprising that Sanctuary didn't make the cut.

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