Hitman 3 announced by IO Interactive, may go back to being episodic

A new Hitman game is already under way, as the developer reveals they’re also working on at least one other brand-new IP.

An unexpected revelation in a new Hitman documentary has confirmed that IO Interactive are already working on Hitman 3 and that it ‘may’ be episodic like the 2016 reboot.

A voiceover at the end of the Noclip video below reveals that IO are currently working on new Hitman content and ‘looking ahead’ to Hitman 3.

No more is said beyond that though, other than the fact that development seems to be centred on the developer’s new studio in Malmö, Sweden.

By comparison, the majority of staff in the original studio in Copenhagen, Denmark are working on a mysterious new IP that is yet to be announced.

CEO Hakan Abrak actually uses the term ‘IPs’, in the plural, although whether that’s an intentional hint at more than one new franchise, or just a slip of the tongue, is unclear.

IO Interactive famously split from owners Square Enix in 2017 and went back to being an independent developer, taking the Hitman franchise with them.

Although Square Enix were, presumably, disappointed with sales of the Hitman reboot most fans were very happy with the episodic release schedule, as it encouraged them to get the most out of every map.

Last year’s Hitman 2, which was published by Warner Bros., was a traditional all-in-one release so it’ll be interesting to see if IO really do go back to the reboot’s original schedule and how fans respond to that.

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