Hitman 3 Announces Free DLC Map With New Target

More than 18 months on from its launch, Hitman 3 continues to get DLC. In fact, the latest content, which was announced earlier this year but not officially revealed until this week, launches later this month. Best of all, the Ambrose Island expansion, which adds a new map and a new target, will be free for all players.

The trailer for the Ambrose Island DLC shows an unnamed new target visiting and killing prisoners, one of which she throws from a balcony. Pretty brutal. The fictional island is situated in the very real Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. The island has a tropical backdrop and is made up of a harbor, bars, beaches, and will presumably task you with venturing into the jungle a time or two as well.

Agent 47 doesn't actually feature much at all in the Ambrose Island trailer which you can check out below. After the new target tells her story, seemingly explaining why she is running through so many people on the island, the Hitman protagonist can be seen stepping off a boat and onto the aforementioned harbor. As was revealed by IO Interactive earlier this year, Agent 47 is technically stepping back in time since this latest DLC is set prior to the events of Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 has received a lot of DLC. Great for fans of the series as this appears to be the final Hitman game we'll see for a while, especially with a large chunk of the studio now working on its James Bond game. This is the first additional content that has come free for all, though. More details will likely be revealed in the coming days as we move closer to its launch date, and the Ambrose Island DLC will be available to download and play from July 26, 2022.

The Ambrose Island DLC is actually arriving a little earlier than planned. IO brought it forward in May, effectively as a makegood for having to push back the promised Freelancer mode. The new mode will change up how campaign missions work and will give Agent 47 a safehouse to work from. No news on exactly when Freelancer mode will arrive. It is currently still slated to be here some time in the second half of 2022, so anytime from this point on.

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