Hitman 3 Gameplay Reveal Happening Today – Watch It Live Here

IO Interactive has been incredibly busy. Following their departure from Square Enix in 2017 they rather swiftly put Hitman 2 on store shelves, in addition to a definitive edition of their stellar Hitman (2016). But even with those excellent games done, more are on the way, and before the to-be-seen Project 007, we will be playing Hitman 3, the conclusion to the modern Hitman trilogy.

Today we will be able to see the first proper reveal of Hitman 3 with a livestream on the Hitman YouTube channel titled “Introducing Hitman 3.” The previous Hitman titles leveraged the power of the PS4 and Xbox One to create levels with large crowds and character counts, with dozens of ways to solve your objectives and move through the stages. With IO Interactive confirming that Hitman 3 will be cross-gen, we have high hopes that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game will take the familiar formula and make it even more detailed and immersive.

You can watch the reveal of Hitman 3 right here, in the YouTube embed below when it goes live.

The video isn’t live at the time of writing but will be live at the following times.

  • 6am PST
  • 9am EST
  • 2pm GMT
  • 3pm CET

We’ve got high hopes for Hitman 3, especially following comments from Agent 47’s voice actor, who claimed the script is “vast” and “in-depth.” We already know that Hitman 3 will be visiting Chongqing after IO Interactive’s detailed Under The Hood trailer which displayed the benefits of their Glacier engine. We’re hoping Agent 47’s head will be shinier and more reflective than ever, as it is what we all should aspire to.

Good news for long-time fans of the series: you will be able to carry over your progression from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2, in addition to carrying over all of the levels into the new game engine, allowing players to experience these stages in a different light – literally, given the lighting engine changes.

It all adds up to a lot to be excited for from IO Interactive. Hitman 3, if anything likes its predecessors, should be excellent, and Project 007 has to be the most anticipated James Bond game since whatever released following Goldeneye on Nintendo 64.

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