Hitman 3: How To Unlock The Sieker 1 Emetic Pistol

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Hitman 3 is a game renowned for the plethora of options it gives players for deciding how to eliminate their targets, both within the game's expansive sandbox levels and in the extensive arsenal of weapons Agent 47 has at his disposal. One of the most prized guns among experienced players is the Sieker 1 Emetic dart pistol.

Though somewhat difficult to obtain, this invaluable handgun is the staple of many a run through some of the game's most challenging levels, frequently being utilised to pull off the coveted Silent Assassin, Suit Only assassinations. Fortunately, this guide will contain everything you need to know to be able to get the emetic pistol in Hitman 3 for yourself.

What Is The Sieker 1 In Hitman 3?

The Sieker 1 is a dart pistol. It comes with two darts, meaning you can reload and fire once more after your initial shot and, since it doesn't use bullets, it's incredibly quiet. Its range is also quite limited since it uses air to propel its darts. On paper, this pales in comparison to many of Hitman's more powerful weapons, which can decimate targets at range easily, but the Sieker 1 has a trick up its sleeve.

Sieker darts are emetic, allowing you to affect targets with the poison from a distance – a far easier method of inflicting it than a close-up syringe or risky food spiking. This simple attribute takes the Sieker from an underwhelming-sounding weapon to one of the most versatile and useful in the game.

What Is Emetic Poison In Hitman 3?

To understand why the Sieker 1 is so good, and how to effectively use it, you first need to understand the different types of poisons in the game. There are three different types: sedative, lethal, and emetic poison.

Sedative Poison

As the name suggests, sedative poison puts anyone affected by it to sleep. What's useful is that unconscious people knocked out by sedatives are considered accidental, meaning that if they're found, your silent assassin rating will remain intact.

Like the other poisons in the game, sedatives can be delivered in numerous ways: injection, spiking food or drinks, grenades that release gas, and dart guns. That's right – sedative poisons have their own version of the Sieker: the Kalmer 1 (or its identical successor, the Kalmer 2). If you're wondering how to get the Kalmer in Hitman, it can be obtained either by reaching mastery level 5 in Mendoza, or by completing the Escalations – Track II, Tier II challenge, which requires you to beat 3 escalations from the Hitman 2 maps.

The Kalmer is far less sought-after than the Sieker, however, due to the lacking usefulness of sedatives compared to emetics. While they can be good for clearing a couple of guards out of the way, they offer very little utility in terms of taking out targets.

Lethal Poison

Lethal poison is incredibly useful, as like sedatives, bodies resulting from lethal poison are considered accidental and won't affect your silent assassin rating. This means that you can kill a target and not have to worry about hiding their body, assuming you can get the poison to them undetected.

Unlike sedatives and emetics, though, there is no dart gun for lethal poison, likely since it would be far too powerful. Instead, you'll have to spike some food or drinks or take the risk of getting in close with a syringe.

Emetic Poison

The last, and arguably most useful thanks to the Sieker, type of poison is emetic, which causes those affected by it to become ill. In this state, they'll slowly make their way to the nearest place they can throw up – typically a rubbish bin or, more commonly, a toilet.

This is absolutely fantastic for easy kills, as targets will enter toilets alone, meaning you can wait in there to take them out. Even better, if you drown them in the toilet, their death is considered an accident and you don't have to worry about hiding their body. Furthermore, when in an ill state, people who would previously notice you trespassing are no longer aware of your presence, meaning you don't have to worry about being stealthy if you're somewhere you shouldn't be.

All of this makes emetic poison a godsend for quick, easy kills on Silent Assassin, Suit Only runs and, thanks to the Sieker, affecting targets with it is a breeze. Simply shoot them from somewhere covered, follow them, and finish them off. You even have the second dart as a backup in case you miss, or you can use it for a second target.

How To Get The Sieker 1 In Hitman 3

Like so many of Hitman's best weapons, the Sieker 1 is a mastery reward. You'll need to have Hitman 2's Haven Island unlocked, as you earn the Sieker by reaching mastery level 10 there.

If you're unsure what this means, mastery is like an individual experience level you have for each location in Hitman 3. Mastery goes up to level 20 on most locations, including Haven Island, so to unlock the Sieker, you'll have to get to at least half of the max level.

Best Way To Earn Mastery XP In Hitman 3

Earning mastery levels is relatively simple – check out the challenges for the location and start completing them. Both the main mission – The Last Resort – and the escalation – The Bartholomew Hornswoggle – have challenges you can complete, and some are as simple as finding items around the map, while others involve eliminating targets in specific ways.

The quickest way to start working towards that all-important level 10, if you've never played Haven Island before, is to play through the mission under Silent assassin, Suit only conditions, meaning you beat the mission without ever being detected and never change out of your starting suit.

This will reward you XP for your first kill of each target, XP for the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge, and the two challenges for the respective halves of that, as well as any bonus XP for things you find or do around the map, or any special kills. From there, finish off the last levels you need with some feat or assassination challenges and you'll have the Sieker in no time.

The Last Resort Silent Assassin, Suit Only Walkthrough

To help you get started, here's a basic guide for a good Silent Assassin, Suit Only route on Haven Island that will also serve as a guide for how to complete the Canary In A Server Farm assassination challenge, netting you some bonus XP in the process.

The biggest tip for Silent Assassin, Suit Only runs is that Hitman's save feature is your best friend. Pause and make a save before doing anything you're unsure of, and if things go south, you can simply load the save and try again from there. Additionally, head into the settings and enable the Silent Assassin indicator – this takes the form of two crossed pistols next to your minimap, and will let you know if you've messed up without realising. Green means you're still eligible to complete the mission with a silent assassin rating, yellow means you'll be all good so long as you delete camera footage, and red means you've been spotted and are no longer eligible.

The gear you'll need includes a lethal poison vial or lethal pills, the Krugermeier (though any good silenced pistol will do), and some sedative pills or a sedative vial. Additionally, smuggle in electronic key hackers. The absolutely essential thing to make this work is the sedatives, which you can unlock by reaching a mere level two in Santa Fortuna mastery, mastery level 2 in Paris, or mastery level 7 in Dartmoor. Everything else can ultimately be found within the level or worked around, but if you're going for the Silent Assassin, Suit Only rating, though, you'll realistically need all of these items. The pirate outfit is not a requirement, though you will look stylish.

Once you load into the level, make your way off to the right of the starting area to the laundry room to pick up your keycard hackers, which are marked on the map. You can get into the laundry room pretty easily through the medical office, and while the laundry room itself is a restricted area, there shouldn't be anyone around to spot you. Once you have your keycard hackers, head towards the mansion at the rear of the map.

Make your way around the left side of the mansion until you see a door. Shoot out the cameras on either side of the door, but don't go through it. Continue along the wall until you find a section you can vault.

Once you're over, cross into the bushes on the other side of the path, nearest to the house, and move to your left until you see a slot for a keycard. Use one of your hackers, which will open a trapdoor just to your right. Make your way down and you'll find yourself in Haven Island's server basement.

Shooting out any cameras as you go, you should be able to head down the corridor and straight up the stairs in front of you. You might need to be quick in moving up the stairs, depending on what ways the people in the break room are facing.

Once up the stairs, you'll be in a control room of sorts. Grab the fire extinguisher from the far end of the back wall and use it to pacify the three workers in here with silent attacks from right behind. So long as you move quickly and time your strikes well, none of these three will see each other get knocked out. You can use the fusebox outside to draw one of them out if that makes things easier.

Once these three are incapacitated, there's a storage room opposite the door you came in with a cabinet in which you can hide two of the bodies, so take care of that, then go to the balconies and shoot out any remaining cameras in the facility, as guards will rush down if they see what you're about to do on the CCTV feed. With that taken care of, make a beeline for the air conditioning machine, and poison it with the sedatives (NOT the lethal poison).

This will knock out everyone in the underground facility. You might get some alerts that bodies have been found, but don't worry – anyone who spots a body is just taking a slightly longer time to become unconscious, and as mentioned above, people knocked out by sedatives being spotted doesn't affect your rating.

This next part is tedious but necessary. Hide every body in the facility (though make sure you turn the AC off before you do so you don't knock yourself out). There is an ample sufficiency of cabinets in which to do so; it just takes a while. Use 47's wallhacking "instinct" ability to check for any bodies you've missed, and don't forget about the body up in the control room. This step is a requirement as while your targets seeing the bodies won't affect your rating, it will distract them and instead of going where you need them to, they'll spend ages waking everyone up. Also ensure you grab any weapons dropped by guards, as these can distract your targets too.

With everyone hidden, the facility is yours. There's a CCTV console near the far end you can use to wipe footage if you've been spotted, and doing so will also disable cameras from that point forward, making your escape easier. Next, return to the main server area and look for four unique server racks you can unplug, roughly in the four corners of the area. Do so to all four, and you'll trigger a system failure, which all three of your targets need to come and fix in person – how convenient!

Hide until your targets arrive, then make your way back up to the AC machine. Now it's time for the lethal poison. Load up the machine, switch it back on if you didn't earlier, and your targets will be dealt with. On the off chance a guard arrives with your targets, wield your trusty fire extinguisher once more to incapacitate him and make sure he's inside the control room when you turn on the AC. All that's left to do now is leave – exit the way you came in, be wary of guards until you're out of restricted areas, and you're in the clear! Don't worry about your targets' bodies being found – as mentioned above, the game considers poison kills accidents, so your rating is safe.

This fittingly poison-heavy mission will net you all of the aforementioned achievements, which should take you the bulk of the way to mastery level 10, and that glorious Sieker. Choose some feats or assassinations you like the look of to take you the rest of the way, and the dart gun will be yours in no time!

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