Hitman 3: Where To Find The Sabotage Tools And Where To Use Them In Mendoza

The penultimate mission for Hitman 3 takes Agent 47 to Mendoza, Argentina, and has players assassinate Don Yates and Tamara Vidal to complete his objective. Knowing where to find all the sabotage tools on the map will make this tall task just that much easier.

This guide will help you find every sabotage tool and highlight a few of the best places to put them to use for your mission.

What Are Sabotage Tools?

Players can find wrenches, crowbars, rat poison, and screwdrivers on just about every map, and they each serve a unique purpose, depending on the given situation. If you’ve been following along with our Sabotage Tools guides thus far, you likely already know some of the generic scenarios with which you’d use the tools.

The Setup

Just like our guides for Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, and Chongqing, this guide is based on having the default loadout and no shortcuts unlocked on the map already.

The main thing to note is that your starting location is the Parking Lot, since it essentially skips the cutscene at the top of the hill with Diana Burnwood. This gets you into the action sooner. However, it should be noted that you will not receive the invitation to the party from Diana because of this.

Thankfully, there is an invitation lying on top of the circular stone wall near the man in the white tuxedo taking a smoke break.

Where To Find The Crowbar In Mendoza

#1 A crowbar can be found in the Silo area, lying on top of a blue crate. To make your life easier when exploring this area, you should acquire the Gaucho Disguise from one of the guards outside the Security Tunnel.

Just turn off the fusebox, stand back while the guard investigates, then knock him out and store his body in the nearby room’s cabinet.

#2 This crowbar can be found in the Boatdock shack. It also happens to have a few other tools in here, including Screwdriver #1.

#3 This one is in a toolbox along the cliff behind Yates’ Villa. Watch out for the patrolling enforcer, even if you’re wearing the Mercenary Disguise.

#4 This can be found in the Armory in the underground area beneath Yates’ Villa. It’s lying on a bench next to some clothes.

#5 Another crowbar can be found on top of an equipment case in the Cinema area.

#6 This crowbar can be found on the balcony outside the Tasting Room. It’s lying on the ground near a red storage container.

Where To Use The Crowbar In Mendoza

The crowbar isn’t as useful on this map as a sabotaging tool compared to previous maps. Aside from breaking open locked doors, (if you’ve been following this guide you shouldn’t need to, since you started with a lockpick), the only specific use for the crowbar on this map is on a fusebox cabinet near the Underground Cave System Exit, and a fusebox cabinet in the Production Room near the Staff Restroom.

Neither of these have major uses, other than allowing you to create a distraction by shutting off the fusebox. You are better off using the crowbar as a melee weapon or distraction on this map.

Where To Find The Screwdriver In Mendoza

#1 This screwdriver is found in the Boat dock shack, along with Crowbar #2.

#2 This can be found on top of a box underneath the giant screen in the Cinema Area.

#3 This can be found in the Production Room of the winery. The screwdriver is stabbed into the side of one of the barrels near the large doorway leading to the fields.

#4 This can be found in the Tech Room along with Rat Poison #4. It is cleverly hidden inside a red toolbox.

Where To Use The Screwdriver In Mendoza

A great place to use the screwdriver is on one of the pathway lamps in the villa backyard. After sabotaging the northernmost pathway light, follow the hose back to the faucet and turn it on.

Don Yates occasionally leaves his villa to make his way to the backyard to have a conversation with his wife, Valentina. After their conversation, he makes his way back toward the villa, then zap!

Where To Find The Wrench In Mendoza

#1 This wrench can be found on a catwalk in the Fermantation Atrium next to a blue toolbox.

#2 There is another wrench in the Production Room of the winery. It’s on top of a blue tool chest next to a workbench with an old computer on it.

#3 This wrench can be found on top of a stack of sheets of plywood in the vicinity of the Grape Shed.

Where To Use The Wrench In Mendoza

The best place to use the wrench is in the Fermentation Room on the bottom floor of the winery. This does require a little bit of setup though.

First, you’re going to need a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to expose the wire of the electrical coupling in the middle of the room next to the wine pump. Then, when no one is looking, use your wrench to break the wine pump (don’t worry so much about the two guards standing in front of you, as they don’t really take notice. just be more concerned about whether or not the two winery workers are watching you).

Once that is done, the tanks will begin to rupture and overflow, causing Don Yates to come to investigate. Follow the yellow electrical cable toward the Production Room and look for the fusebox.

Since it’s missing a Fuse Cell, you’ll need to insert one to be able to turn on the electricity. Thankfully, there is one on the workbench behind you next to a computer monitor. Insert that into the fusebox and wait for Yates to finish chastising his employees.

There will be a moment when he is the only one standing in the pool of wine, and that is when you should flip the switch to turn on the power. That’s another way to take out Don Yates.

Where To Find Rat Poison In Mendoza

#1 One vial of rat poison can be found in the Villa Attic. It’s lying on a bookshelf next to some binders and nefarious documents.

#2 This can be found in the Villa Basement in the cellar. It’s lying on a shelf near where you can unlock the Maintenance Door Shortcut.

#3 This rat poison can be found on a storage cart in the maintenance tunnel near Yates’ Villa.

#4 This can be found in the Tech Room in the Winery area of the map. It’s on a bench next to a blue toolbox.

#5 So this one is a bit unique in that it’s not technically rat poison. It’s a poisonous flower that has the same emetic effect as the rat poison, though.

It can be found on the ground near a cactus on the cliffs coming down from the Viewing Platform overlooking the Malbec Field.

#6 This can be found on a shelf inside a small storage closet in the Cinema Area.

 Where To Use Rat Poison In Mendoza

One of the best places to use the rat poison is on the wine glass located on the second-floor balcony of Yates’ Villa. Yates comes back out here regularly, so when the coast is clear, poison the wine glass with Rat Poison and wait in the bathroom.

  • Wait until Valentina is in the bedroom, then knock her out and hide her body in the nearby container. If you don’t do this, she will drink the poisoned wine instead.

After Yates returns to drink the wine, wait out of sight until he goes to the toilet to throw up, then drown him for an easy kill and completion of the Hold My Hair Challenge. Conversely, you can use the lethal poison jar found in the bathroom instead of rat poison to just kill him immediately, completing the Tasteless, Traceless challenge.

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