Hitman Players Think Hitman 2 Has The Best Levels In The Trilogy

Hitman players have voted Hitman 2 as having the best levels in the trilogy.

IO Interactive's recent Hitman trilogy is widely regarded as one of the best in gaming, taking what worked from the original Hitman games and spreading it across three games that put stealth at the forefront in a way that most games don't nowadays. The highlight of each new entry was seeing how it would up the ante with its levels but, of course, one of the three games has to have the best levels in the series.

ResetEra user Kevin Shields ran a poll on the site to figure out which of the three Hitman games has the best levels. Out of 260 votes, Hitman 3 came in last place with 21.5 percent of the votes. There aren't many Hitman fans voting for the third game and the comments agree that it falls short due to its last mission literally being on rails. Its defenders claim that it does the most unique things with its levels though, citing Dartmouth's murder mystery and Berlin's multiple targets.

In second place is the first Hitman game, with 26.5 percent of votes overall. There's a surprisingly little number of votes considering how many classic levels the first game has, but those who voted for it claim that Paris, Sapienza, and Hokkaido are the main stars of the show. It's just a shame that Colorado had to go and mess everything up.

Finally, in first place with an overwhelming 51.9 percent of votes is Hitman 2. One of the main reasons why Hitman 2 got so many votes is that it's regarded as the most consistent with its levels, not really having a bad pick among them. Levels like Mumbai and Miami are cited as the main reason why Hitman 2 won the vote by a landslide.

If, like me, you're wondering why the first Hitman isn't taking the crown right now, a little bit of Hitman 2 bashing might help you cope, as many of the commenters admitted that Hitman 2's Santa Fortuna level is a big letdown. Take that, Hitman 2.

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