Hogwarts Legacy Breaks Year Of Silence To Tell Us They Have Nothing To Say Yet

Avalanche Software, the developers behind Hogwarts Legacy, has announced that they're going to share more info about the anticipated open-world RPG in 2022.

It wasn't a very exciting year for those Harry Potter fans who were eagerly expecting Hogwarts Legacy to show any signs of life. Back in January, Warner Bros. Interactive delayed the game into 2022, and after that, the developers have been radio silent, with nothing but rumours surrounding the project. The team has finally broken that silence to inform us that news is coming… next year.

The team at Avalanche Games dropped a brief message on Twitter, wishing everyone a happy holiday and promising that it would "share more news and updates on Hogwarts Legacy next year". Hey, it's news, right?

While not very exciting for those wanting some form of announcement, hey — at least we're not hearing that it's cancelled, or that it'll have NFTs. As you might expect, several gamers took to the Tweet's comments to share their disappointment at a lack of an announcement, despite the Tweet really just being a holiday message from the developers.

The frustration likely comes down to the fact that we haven't got any new footage or screenshots of Hogwarts Legacy since the original announcement trailer in September 2020. It was speculated that it might gloriously return during The Game Awards 2021, but that never happened. Considering the recent posting from the team, players better brace themselves for some extra waiting.

A flicker of hope recently sparked thanks to WB general manager Rachel Wakley, who confirmed Hogwarts Legacy will launch in 2022 after Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, currently scheduled to land in theatres on April 8. With that in mind, Hogwarts Legacy might be launching in Spring with some heavy marketing to catch up.

It's worth noting that Warner Bros. is trying to distance itself as far as it can from the original Wizarding World creator J.K. Rowling, known for several transphobic comments on socials, which might also be impacting the game's marketing and development.

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