Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC Could Be Announced Very Soon

It's the week of The Game Awards which means some of the reveals Geoff Keighley and co. are desperately trying to keep under wraps are finding their way out into the world. Now added to the list of rumors is the potential of Horizon Forbidden West DLC being revealed soon. Likely titled Burning Shores, it's believed the additional content will be here in April 2023.

Reported by Insider Gaming, the rumors that Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC will be officially revealed soon comes courtesy of a leaker who goes by The Snitch. Unlike other leakers, The Snitch tends to post riddles regarding what they claim to know and leaves the rest to their followers' imaginations. The latest riddle takes the form of a map. A map that includes the part of the US in which Forbidden West takes place.

Forbidden West takes place across the southwestern states of the US years after an apocalypse. Burning Shores is mentioned throughout the game but never featured, and when players venture too far south, they are told to turn back. If the Burning Shores DLC rumors are real, then that closed-off area of the game may well be opened up.

There have already been pointers suggesting Forbidden West might be getting DLC. Players using their Sunwings to get a better look at the forbidden part of Forbidden West, and Lance Reddick accidentally revealing he was working on the game long after it launched. The photo attached to the since-deleted tweet showed Reddick performing motion capture work, presumably for the role he will play in the DLC potentially rolling out next year.

The Snitch's latest riddle comes a week after they posted a poem many people think revealed the release date of Final Fantasy 16. While Square Enix has stuck with a broad summer 2023 launch window for now, the poem potentially has the next Final Fantasy game arriving on June 22, 2023. It has been confirmed to have a place at The Game Awards, a likely platform on which to discover whether The Snitch's poem was correctly deciphered.

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