Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remake + multiplayer game and Forbidden West DLC leaked

Sony seems to be going all in with Horizon, with rumours of two new games and more DLC for the giant robot dinosaur franchise.

The minute 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn became the fastest selling new franchise on PlayStation 4 you could guarantee that wouldn’t be the end of it, but apart from this year’s sequel Forbidden West Sony has been fairly restrained in exploiting the series – something which seems set to change soon.

VR game Call Of The Mountain was already announced a few months ago, but now rumours have arisen of a PlayStation 5 remake, a multiplayer spin-off, and new DLC for Forbidden West.

There’s some uncertainty as to whether it’s a remake or remaster, but the approach is immediately reminiscent of how Sony has handled The Last Of Us, who’s first game also just got a PlayStation 5 remake despite not really needing it.

The terms remake and remaster are often used interchangeably, even by some publishers, despite them being entirely different things. A remaster implies fundamentally the same game, with only minor improvements, while a remake is a recreation of the original game from scratch.

That’s what The Last Of Us Part 1 was but that game was criticised for being unnecessary as it is only nine years old, while Horizon Zero Dawn is even more recent, at just five years old.

Website MP1st, which broke the story, admits it is unsure which it is, but that may be because it sounds like the game blurs the lines between the two, with multiple new character models, improved textures, better animation, and a new high tech lighting system.

The new version will also supposedly feature new accessibility options, as well as multiple graphic modes to favour performance, quality, or uncapped performance for VRR (variable refresh rate).

The same website also suggests that developer Guerrilla Games is working on a Horizon multiplayer game for PlayStation 5 and PC, featuring co-op and customisation based around the different tribes in the games.

This sounds very similar to Naughty Dog’s upcoming The Last Of Us multiplayer game, which has been announced for some time but never properly detailed. The news also comes only days after we theorised that a Horizon title is likely to be one of the 10 live service games that Sony currently has in development.

News of the remake/remaster was corroborated by reliable leaker Tom Henderson and was preceded by fellow insider Dusk Golem, who last month claimed Sony had plans to perform a ‘facelift’ on a PlayStation 4 game, for subsequent re-release on PlayStation 5.

At the time that was taken to be a hint at Bloodborne but, alas, Sony seems perversely uninterested in updating the one game that could really use the attention, given its performance issues on PlayStation 4.

The final rumour comes from a tweet from actor Lance Reddick, who plays the character Sylens in both games, where he reveals he’s working on new performance capture for Horizon Forbidden West.

Although he could feasibly be working on any of these projects, including Call Of The Mountain, he did specifically tag #HorizonForbiddenWest, before deleting the tweet entirely.

Actors are notoriously unreliable sources of information for their own games, but it does seem very likely that he’s working on DLC for Forbidden West, which always seemed inevitable given the success of the parent game and of Zero Dawn’s DLC The Frozen Wilds.

Either way, that’s a lot of Horizon games on Sony’s schedule, and with a TV adaptation also on the way anyone that doesn’t like giant robot dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic world is in for a rocky ride.

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