Horizon Zero Dawn’s Coloring Book Releases Later This Month

Thanks to streaming services and movie studios adapting any and every video game ever made, or at least that's how it feels, there has never been a better way to enjoy your favorite games in different ways. There will be a Horizon show added to the pile at some point in the future, but if you're looking for a different way to celebrate Aloy and her games much sooner, you can do so through this new coloring book.

Officially revealed last week by Horizon studio Guerilla, The Official Horizon Zero Dawn coloring book launches next week on July 19. You can pre-order the book right now through Amazon in the US, and comic book store chain Forbidden Planet in the UK. The preview images might look a little more cartoony than the games. That's because its based on the Horizon comics. Also, it's a coloring book.

Until now, the only way you could really make Zero Dawn your own was by playing it on PC and applying all sorts of weird and wonderful mods. Now all you need to do is pay $13.49 for a Horizon coloring book. Granted, you can't turn enemies into Thomas the Tank (someone must have made that mod in Zero Dawn by now, right?) but you can reimagine Aloy and the rest of her futuruistic world in a number of other ways.

As for that aforementioned Horizon show, there's not much to report at the moment. The last we heard is the show will be called Horizon 2074, and even that is merely information based on a leak. If it does turn out to be accurate, the name will presumably be a reference to one of the two time periods covered during the show, flip flopping between 50 years and 1000 years into the future. We do also know Netflix is the studio working on it with Guerilla and PlayStation, and that The Boys' Jack Boem is attached to the project.

The wait for the show will be a long one, and coloring books aren't for everyone. Fear not, as there are even more ways to enjoy Horizon outside of the two core games. An official Lego set launched earlier this year to celebrate the arrival of Forbidden West, and Call of the Mountain will be a launch title on PSVR2.

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